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As relationship experts and dating coaches, we’ve successfully matched over 40 singles in LA for over 30 years. But we’ve also watched men blow relationships, even they’re actually head over heels for their woman.

How can they be totally in love and want to be in a relationship yet make a mess out of it?

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers are going to reveal the biggest relationship mistakes men make.

1. He doesn’t trust her.

Guys can be super jealous. They may be even become overprotective or overbearing. But if a man doesn’t fully trust his woman, it’s a huge problem for the relationship. Especially when there is absolutely no reason that he shouldn’t trust her. When a gal has been open, honest and faithful throughout the entire relationship and her guy still doesn’t fully trust her, she’s not going to hang around. Going through your gal’s cell phone or computer, following her to work, or talking to her friends about what she’s doing when you guys aren’t together is borderline stalker behavior.

If you can’t trust the woman you’re with, find a new one. And if you find yourself unable to trust anyone, it’s your own insecurities getting the best of you. Take a break from dating until you work out your own personal issues.

2. He doesn’t care about his looks.

Once a couple has been together for a while, they become comfortable with each other. That’s a natural process of being in a relationship. But once a guy totally gives up and lets himself go, his gal may let him go as well. Guys, show your girl some respect and dress to impress. Put on a nice dress shirt. Splash some cologne on. Toss those socks with holes to the trash and get new ones. Clip your toenails and shave. All those little things can really go a long way in your relationship.

3. He doesn’t have any money.

When a guy stops paying for anything and can’t make the rent payment on time, something’s not right here. It’s one thing if a guy gets laid off and has some financial problems, but if he is always broke and expects her to pay, that’s a huge problem for the relationship. Nobody’s saying the guy needs to pay for everything, but if he’s always accidentally forgetting his wallet at home or borrows money constantly without paying her back, a woman should see that as a huge red flag. Unless she decided she’ll pay for everything, money matters may be the reason she stops seeing him.

4. He doesn’t get along with her family.

If a woman loves her family and her guy can’t stand them, their relationship isn’t going to work. A “daddy’s girl” will never choose her fella over her father. This type of woman needs to be with a man who loves his family as much as she does. After all, she’ll likely be spending a lot time with her family, and if the guy wants to see her, he’ll have to put up with that. Give her family a chance to grow on you if you think they’re not what you’d hoped they’d be. Not everyone’s family is going to be like the “Brady Bunch”, but you should at least try to get along with them.

5. He doesn’t make her a priority.

We’re all busy today. From demanding work schedules, social events, family obligations, friends, and our own interests and hobbies, there’s just not enough time in the day. But when we really care for someone, we make time. Even if it’s just getting up 10 minutes earlier to sit and drink coffee together before work, that’s what we do.

But when a guy spends more time with his friends, in the gym, or working on his car than he does with his woman, that’s an issue. This is especially true if he spends a lot of time – four hours in the gym – doing the same things every day. Being in a relationship means compromising and making time for one another. Don’t let a good thing slip away because you’re wrapped up in everything else in life.

Are you guilty of any of these bad habits? Are you risking your relationship?

If you’re single and struggling to meet the right woman for you, we understand. Many over 40 singles in LA are in the same boat as you.

Ready to meet singles who are ready and fit to be in a relationship? Contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today. Let us take over the hard part of dating. Let us introduce you to over 40 singles in LA who are fit to date and compatible with you.

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