5 Secrets for Single Women in Los Angeles to Rock 1st Dates

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With nearly 30 years of operations in the LA dating industry, we’ve helped thousands of single women in Los Angeles rock their first dates and land the man of their dreams.  Before we get started, we want to point out that if you’re just out there trying to have a good time and play the field, this dating advice isn’t for you.

However, if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship with a quality guy, then this dating advice is perfect for you.  Today, our dating coaches are going to reveal our LA matchmaking secrets for single women in Los Angeles to truly shine on first dates.

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1. Show him you have an action-packed life.

A woman who has a lot of things going on in her life is very attractive to men.  If you fill your days with activities, not only does it make for fun first date conversation, but it also show him that you’re a fun and interesting person.

Think about the last time you went out on a date with a guy who did nothing but play video games at home.  It was boring, right?  Exactly, so don’t come off like that guy.  Every time you’re on a date, let him know all the productive and interesting things you do in life.  Let him know how you get up every morning at 5 to go for a quick run, how you volunteer at the animal shelter on the weekends, and how you see your family every Sunday for dinner.

Tell him about all the fun things going on in your life and let him see that you don’t take your time on earth for granted.  This will show him that you won’t be needy in a relationship because you have your own life, which means he’ll be able to have fun in his life too, as well as when the two of you are together.

2. Give him a nice compliment.

First dates are full of awkwardness, especially in the beginning.  First dates are nerve-wracking, and everyone knows that, but you don’t have to give in and let it ruin your date.  Instead, try to break the ice by giving him a genuine compliment.  Even the smallest compliment can ease his nerves and make the entire date more relaxed.  Tell him he looks good or that you like his style of clothing—anything to break the tension in the room.

When you give him a compliment, make sure it’s genuine and sincere.  Don’t give him a compliment just because, and don’t say you like something that you don’t really admire.  Once you give him a compliment, you’ll find the date goes smoothly because he’ll be more at ease and confident in himself (and your interest in him).

3. If you like him, give him a hint.

Now this doesn’t mean to give him a hint that you want to take things back to his apartment.  That one only applies for the casual daters looking for hookups, not for our serious singles here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service.  But since we are talking about first dates, if you really like him and want to see him again, then you want to give him a hint.

If you don’t want the date to end, ask for another round of beer or suggest checking out the nearby coffee shop.  Show him that you’re having fun and that you don’t want the night to end.  It’s a great hint that will boost his confidence and make him want to keep it going, too.

4. Talk about the things you love.

When he asks you about the things you like to do when you’re not at work, tell him everything.  You need to show him that you like to do things outside of work; after all, that’s the only way he’s going to get to know you and what you’re all about.  Tell him what makes you get up every morning and what makes you excited about life.  Do you volunteer at a soup kitchen?  Do you love animals?  Do you like to work out?  Do you love reading books?  Are you into music or art?  Whatever it is you enjoy doing, talk about it with excitement.

You need to show him that you have interests and passions in life.  And if you don’t have many hobbies, don’t worry, because you can always talk about something you’re good at, like how you speak another language or how you’re a great salsa dancer.  This will open up to plenty of interesting conversation, as well as make you more attractive in his eyes.

5. Limit your drinking.

Our last tip for all the single women in Los Angeles who are looking for a quality guy is to limit the drinking on first dates.  We know that first dates can bring out the nerves for everyone, and it might make you drink more than usual.  We get it, it happens to everyone at some point.  When you’re out on a date and feeling ultra-nervous, it’s hard not accept a drink.  However, you need to refrain from having too many drinks and say no to that third martini.

You want to appear confident, focused, and sober.  No guy wants to be in the company of a woman who can outdrink him or doesn’t know how to handle her alcohol.  Imagine if you drink too many drinks and end up slipping and hurting yourself or saying or doing something you regret the next day.  Save yourself from getting sloppy on your first date.  There will be plenty of opportunities to drink together once you’re in a relationship.  Right now, you’re trying to make the best first impression you can, so be smart and keep your drinks to a minimum.

If you have a first date coming up, we want you to use these five LA matchmaking secrets to rock your first date and land a great guy.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to wear a friendly smile and let your confidence shine!

If you’re not having any luck meeting relationship-minded men in LA, fill out the form at the top of the page and join us for a FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today.  Let our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service do the hard work of dating for you so you can meet quality men around your busy schedule.  We’ve helped thousands of single women in Los Angeles find their dream guy, now it’s time to let us find your perfect match, too!

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