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The first date. The moment of possibly meeting someone you can officially settle down with and start your happily after ever with. It’s the dinner—movie—roller skating—mini-golfing—coffee date—awkward conversation moment where both parties struggle to come up with something to say, or something to ask. Whoever cares more ends up losing. Whoever shows more interests loses too. Right? It doesn’t matter how much you’re attracted to the person across from you, these artificial rules are put in place to ruin the modern dating experience. If you make your own rules, then you’re the odd one. If you ask too many questions, you might come as off as desperate or clingy. If you reveal too much, you might end up turning your date completely off.

Ugh. With so many rules and stipulations in place for first dates, everyone wonders what they should and shouldn’t ask or reveal on a first date. To ease your first date jitters, and help you plan proper first date conversation, our Agoura Hills matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service will show you the top five things to avoid saying on first dates.

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1. How many children do you want to have?

Though this might be a legitimate question to ask, it could rub your date the wrong way. First, you might look like you’re desperate to have children, and no one wants to be with a desperate person. Talking about children from the get-go will definitely scare your date away. As matchmakers, we understand why you would want to ask this question: because you’re looking for the real deal. And if someone doesn’t want to have children, you don’t want to date them and waste your time. We get it, but unfortunately, asking your date if they want to have children on a first date will scare them away, so make sure you keep this topic off the table on a first date. Wait until you have something solid going to ask this very personal question.

2. Are we done yet?

Some first dates go well while others make for a good laugh with friends. And it’s okay to want to cut a date short, especially if you aren’t making a connection. However, you really don’t know for sure how they feel about you. Asking “Are we done yet?” is very disrespectful. It will make your date feel horrible. No matter how bored you are, it’s better to let the date taper off rather than to ask such a rude question. After all, there is such a thing as dating karma.

3. Can you pay for the date?

Now, ladies, this one is for you. On the first date, most gentlemen will pick up the date tab—whether it’s dinner, a movie, or another activity. But it’s perfectly okay for you to pull out your purse when the bill comes around and offer to pay your half. But regardless of the gender, asking for your date to cover the date makes you look bad. It shows that you expect them to cover everything and makes you look cheap.

4. Do you want to meet my parents?

What? Really? Believe it or not, it happens. Many couples have a hard time bringing this subject up even after a few months of being together, so hearing it on a first date will definitely trigger alarm bells. Wait a minute… I thought this was a first date—that’s what your date is thinking in their head. This type of question shows that you’re either clingy or desperate or you’re getting pressured from someone (parents) to date someone nice and bring them home.

5. Questions about their bedroom preferences.

“Are you into some type of kinky thing?” is definitely not a good question to ask on a first. Unless you’re a comedian who is trying to get your date laughing, this question will definitely give your date the wrong impression. First and foremost, it shows that you’re on the date for one reason: to try to get them to the bedroom, which is a huge turn off and will not lead to a second date. First dates are awkward enough, don’t make things worse.

Nothing ends an otherwise good date faster than asking one of these questions. The key to first date success is keeping the mood and conversation fun and lighthearted. If you have to question whether or not to ask it, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t ask it.

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