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Breaking up with someone is always hard.  Not only do you need to stop seeing and talking to them every day, but you need to eliminate them from your entire life.  And while people have no problem putting away Valentine’s Day cards, packing up photos, and tucking away old sweatshirts, most people have a hard time deleting their exes on social media.  You know it’s not good to follow him on Facebook and Instagram since he dumped you, yet there you are following him as though he were a rock star you need to keep up with.  Why?  Is this some form of self-torture?  Not necessarily, you just want to see what he’s up to.

The breakup hurts, and it will hurt to delete him from your life (at least in the beginning).  But in the long run, it will help you heal from your breakup and move on from your ex.  Today, the #1 Calabasas dating service, Los Angeles Singles, will show you exactly why you need to unfriend and unfollow your ex.

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1. You Don’t Need to Know What He’s Up To

So he’s going to the new sushi restaurant in town with his best friend.  So what?  What does it matter to you?  Why are you even on his page in the first place?  If you delete him from your social media accounts, you won’t be tempted to see what he’s up to on a Friday night.  Instead, you’d be doing your own thing without thinking about him at all.  The only reason your ex is on your mind is because you’re looking at his social media profile.

2. You Don’t Need to Know Who He’s Dating

What’s even worse than seeing him go to a new restaurant with a friend you always hated?  Seeing him date a new woman!  And you know this how?  Because you’re following him on Instagram.  You don’t need to know who he’s dating, where they’re going, or if they’re celebrating their first month together.  Knowing what your ex is up to is going to make it harder to get over the breakup and will only prolong the pain you feel.  Why do you want to stay connected with someone who dumped you?  You need to delete them from your social media and your life.

3. He Doesn’t Need to Know What You’re Doing

While you don’t need to know what he’s up to or who he’s seeing, he doesn’t need to know what’s going on in your life either.  He doesn’t need to know every aspect of your life.  He gave up that privilege the second he broke up with you.  You need to remain a mystery to him.  Hit the unfriend or unfollow button now so he doesn’t know what you’re up to.

4. Your Recovery Time Will Be Faster

Breakups take long enough to get over, so why prolong the pain by staying friends with your ex on social media?  Your recovery process will slow down because you see him every day (online).  You need to cut all contact with him so you can move forward instead of dwelling in the past.  Out of sight, out of mind works online too.  It will also allow you to possibly meet new people rather than sitting at home stalking him on Facebook and Instagram every night.

5. Seeing His Photos Will Make You Miss Him

You know that feeling when one of his pictures pop up on your newsfeed and makes your heart stop?  Of course you do, and it’s almost impossible not to shed a tear or two.  Want to prevent that from happening again?  Remove him from Facebook and unfollow him on Instagram.  You already put away all those framed photos but are still faced with his pictures online.  Why do this to yourself?  Delete him from your social media now and save yourself the heartache.

Don’t tempt yourself by keeping him as a friend on Facebook and Instagram… It’s just going to hurt you more.  Follow this advice from our Calabasas dating service and delete and/or block him from all your social media accounts so you can move on with your life.

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