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Getting over a relationship can be a huge struggle.  Our Calabasas matchmakers know how difficult it is to get over a long term relationship.  After all, you thought they were the one and that the two of you were soul mates, partners for life.  The two of you were supposed to get married, buy a house, and even have children down the road.  The idea was to grow old together, but something happened and now you’re single again.  How can you deal with the loss of this relationship?  Today, our Calabasas matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will teach you how to survive a breakup and move on with your life—the healthy and easy way.

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1. Accept the Truth

After breaking up with the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, it can be hard to grasp the concept that you’re no longer together.  It might seem unreal waking up by yourself, and maybe you just can’t accept it.  You are probably thinking things are going to go back to the way they used to be and that the two of you will give it another shot.  But what’s done is done and we want you to realize that, no matter how hard it is to accept.  Your relationship has come to an end, and the quicker you accept it, the easier it will be for you to heal and move on.  

2. Don’t Think About It

Yes, you’re going through a breakup and you’re going to think about it, how could you not?  Your mind is probably consumed with countless thoughts of the relationship, what you did wrong, what they did wrong, and how you could have fixed it.  But honestly, spending all your time thinking about it is not going to fix a thing.

Sure, you’re allowed to think about your relationship and what went wrong, but don’t overthink it and never let it consume your whole life.  Learn from your mistakes so you don’t make them again in the future.  In other words, use this breakup as a valuable lesson in your romantic life.

3. Start a New Hobby

Getting a new hobby is an excellent way to get over your breakup and move forward with your life.  Not only will you learn something new, but you’ll keep your mind occupied from thinking about the breakup all the time.  Do not partake in hobbies you and your ex used to do together; instead, our Calabasas matchmakers want you to try something new, something you always dreamed about doing.  Getting a new hobby will take your mind off the breakup and bring new people and fun into your life.  You can even invite a friend to go with you, which will take us to the next point.

4. Hang Out with Your Friends

You know what they say, right?  Laughter is the best medicine, which is exactly what you need right now.  Who do we turn to when we’re feeling down?  Our best friends, that’s who!

Now, while you’re feeling down, you must turn to those good friends of yours so they can cheer you up.  Let them know that you’re in need of a night out or even a cozy night in.  If you plan on drinking, do not drive and be sure to do it responsibly.  Go out with your gal pals for a relaxing day at the spa or go enjoy a day of golf with your buddies.  It doesn’t have to be a wild night out, just hanging out with your good friends is enough to lift your spirits. 

5. Do Things You Like

After a breakup, you’re going to be alone—and you’re going to feel very lonely.  You’re going to have more spare time and be completely on your own, which is okay.  We want you to utilize this time to do all the things you enjoy doing by yourself.  You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy life.  Do you remember how you were happy before they came into your life?  Well, you can get back to that happy point again.

You don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules but your own; you are your own person now, so do as you want.  Whether you like horseback riding, painting, or working out, indulge in the things you like.

6. Better Yourself

Now that you’re single you have the perfect time to work on yourself and make improvements in your life.  You don’t have to worry about helping your partner or spending time together, because now you can use all your free time to work on yourself.  You can dedicate 100% of your time to you—and ONLY you. 

And now that New Year’s is around the corner, what better way to get over your breakup and start fresh like joining a gym, going back to school, or taking hobby and interest classes?  Now is the perfect time to learn something new and make improvements in your life.  Our Calabasas matchmakers know this will help you forget about your breakup and boost up your confidence as well. 

We get it, we know how bad breakups feel, and it’s especially devastating when it was a long term relationship.  We know those are the most heartbreaking breakups out there.  But don’t worry, if you follow our expert advice and focus on yourself in the new year, you’ll come out on top and survive this breakup.

Did you recently heal from a breakup?  If so, let us know how you handled it on our Facebook page. If you’re ready to mix and mingle with quality singles in Los Angeles, contact our expert matchmakers today!

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