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Summertime in Cali is probably the best season of all, wouldn’t you agree?  You get to be by the beach all day, spend your days soaking up the sun, and enjoying the carefree days with your best friends.  If you don’t live near the water, there are still plenty of fun things.  You can enjoy all the fresh fruit you want, you can mingle and meet new people at local patios and lounges, and just have a good time with your friends and family.  Everyone is in the best mood in the summertime.  And how could you not be?  It’s fabulous summer after all.

With the summer season here, you can’t help but be happy.  Whether you’re single or taken, you can always add a little more excitement, right?  Of course, especially when you’re single.  To help you kick your summer off right, upscale matchmakers in Los Angeles reveal new adventures and ideas you’re going to want to add to your summer bucket list.  If you are one of the many singles in Hollywood Hills who is looking to make the best of the summer, despite not having a partner, we urge you to add some of these fun activities to your summer fun list.

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1. Learn to Enjoy Working Out

Some people see exercising as the devil, but it shouldn’t be viewed that way.  It’s unfortunate, but some people really hate working out and don’t understand the purpose.  After all, it’s a lot easier to sit at home eating chips and watching TV.

We get it, we know it can be very difficult during the summer to force yourself to work out.  You have the best intentions until someone invites you for happy hour at your favorite local patio or to spend the day soaking up the sun at the pool.  It’s easy to neglect your exercise routine when everyone else is out having fun in the sun.  If you do one thing this summer, make sure it’s learning to enjoy working out.

Nobody is saying you have to force yourself to spend hours in a stuffy gym every day.  There are many great ways you can get a good workout in here in LA.  From biking, running, rollerblading to playing volleyball on the beach, you have a plethora of fun activities to get your sweat on.  And, hey, you might even meet some a great candidate who shares your passion for health and fitness.  Now, that’s what we call a win-win!

2. Spice It Up in the Kitchen

It’s a lot easier to cook during the summer months because everything is light and fresh.  Really, summer cooking is the best cooking.  Check out your local farmers market and grab some fresh produce and all your favorites.  From fruit salad, smoothies, refreshing garden salads, and fresh guacamole, who can resist summer delights?

Never been one to prepare your own meals?  Don’t worry, summer is the perfect time to learn how to cook, especially because you’re going to be invited to a lot of summer barbeques.  Check out some sizzling summer recipes and you’ll soon be hosting your own dinner parties and backyard barbeques.

3. Get Out & Breathe the Fresh Summer Air

If you are like most singles in Hollywood Hills, you probably spend a lot of time in the office.  Why not make it a point to spend more time outdoors this summer?  When the temps are sizzling, it’s easy to lock yourself inside.  But if you constantly choose AC over fresh air, you’re going to miss summer and all its fun.  Make it a point to get out and get fresh air and sunlight this summer, no matter how busy and tired you are.

Believe it or not, getting some fresh air and being in the sun can quickly improve your mood, especially when you’re feeling down and out about being single in LA.  No more excuses… Set your alarm a little earlier than normal and head out for a job before work or go for a quick walk around the park during your lunchbreak.  Check out the local farmers markets, street fairs, and events on the weekends or head down to the beach with your friends.  Sun and fresh air will make you feel alive.

4. Create New Memories

It’s super easy to get caught up in routines, especially as a busy professional.  You get up every day at the same time, go to work, come home, go to bed, and then you do it all over again the next day.  To make this summer a spectacular one, make sure you’re getting out of your comfort zone so you aren’t getting bored with your life.


Make a list of some of the things you want to do this summer.  Write out all the places you want to go to.  Is there a new restaurant in town?  A music show or festival?  Put it on your itinerary.  You only have three months to enjoy summer, so you might as well make the best of it and pack your schedule with new and fun activities.  This is the summer you’ll remember forever.  Sorry, Netflix, you’ll have to wait ‘til winter!

These are the four top things to add to your summer bucket list.  If you’re like many singles in Hollywood Hills, you might be feeling down and out about your single status.  But don’t let it bring you down.  Uh, uh, we want you to enjoy your summer and make the most of it!  You don’t need a partner to enjoy life, but here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know that a partner will certainly sweeten the deal!

If you’re single & looking for love in Los Angeles, don’t let your summer love get away!  Fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE (90 minute, one-on-one) matchmaking consultation with our friendly and skilled matchmakers today.

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