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Dating in Los Angeles can be an exhilarating experience.  But as the top matchmakers in LA, we know one thing is for certain: dating in Los Angeles is not as glamourous as they make it out to be in Hollywood movies.  For the single men and women who live here, you know the Los Angeles dating scene may present you many players, duds, disappointments, flakes, and everything in between.  You might think that the more you date, the easier things will get.  But as professional matchmakers, we know that’s not always true, especially if you’re taking on the fast-paced dating scene on your own.

Today, our matchmakers are going to show you why the older you get, the more difficult dating in Los Angeles gets and the harder it becomes to find love.

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1. You Have Less Options

The Los Angeles dating pool starts to get smaller the older you get.  The more you date, the more you realize that people are already in relationships, married, and settled down.  The good, decent, relationship-minded singles seem to be few and far between.  The truth is, the more you date, the more you realize that many people are already coupled up, are not looking for anything serious, or are just not worthy of dating.

2. It’s harder to meet people to connect with.

When you were younger and fresh on the dating scene, you could walk down to the nearest club, bar, or pub and meet an endless pool of singles who were ready to mingle with you.  The LA dating scene was full of single men and women who were ready to have a good time over a drink.  While the clubs and nightlife are still thriving, the people out on the town aren’t what you’re after.

So what has changed over the years?  Your standards.  The more you date, the more you realize that people at the bars and clubs aren’t the type of people you want to date.  It was fun and exciting during your younger years, but now that you’re older and mature, you want to meet like-minded people, something you’re finding to be quite challenging.

3. You’ve become a cynic.

After dating in Los Angeles for so long, you might have experienced a few dating horrors stories of your own, which has affected the way you look at dating altogether.  You no longer feel hopeful about dating, at least not like you once did.  Now, only cynical thoughts about dating run through your mind.

4. You don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

If a date did not call you back when you were younger, you made excuses for them.  But if someone doesn’t call you back after a lovely date nowadays, you don’t make excuses.  You no longer have the time and patience to wait around for someone who is only playing the field.  Even if you do get back to you with a good excuse, you’re already over them.

5. There is a little more pressure now that you’re older.

A first date when you were younger was not as high pressure as it is today.  Nowadays, they are very important to you because they can dictate your future.  By now, it’s safe to assume that most of your friends are already settled down and wondering whether or not you’re going to follow suit.  This surely puts extra pressure on you.

6. Time goes so fast.

When you were younger, it seemed like every day was an eternity.  But now that you’re older and mature, it feels like time escapes you.  You blink your eyes and another birthday rolls around the corner.  What does this mean for your dating life?  You feel like you have less time to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, which will make dating harder because you are under pressure.

7. The stakes are completely different today.

When you first started dating in Los Angeles, you could do it blindly.  Things were so easy because you had nothing to worry about.  You used to go with the flow and didn’t care where things ended.  But now that you’re more mature and have more experience, the stakes are higher.  The longer you’re out in the dating scene, the harder it is to avoid the pressure that comes from dating.

8. The dates remain the same.

The older you get, the more you realize that dates remain the same.  The norms are dinner and a movie or a walk in the park with a coffee.  Yes, it’s true that those are two of the most popular date ideas out there, and it’s easy to fall into the routine and do them over and over again.  If you’re bored of your normal dates, switch things up to get yourself motivated and excited about dating once again.

9. Everyone has dating baggage.

Whether it’s trust issues from a cheating ex or baby mama drama from a bad divorce, you know that everyone in the dating scene has some type of baggage.  You have your own baggage too.  Maybe you even have an extra carry-on with you, which makes it extra hard to find love in LA.

10. There are so many ways to find love in Los Angeles.

Between meeting people at local coffee shops, getting set up by old friends, trying your luck with online dating, or hiring a professional matchmaker to assist you, nowadays the options to find love are endless.  There are so many options you don’t even know where to turn.  You might even feel overwhelmed and as though you can’t keep up with it all.

Sure, dating in Los Angeles does provide you many options to find love, but do you know which of them is the most efficient?  If you have already tried conventional ways of dating and had no luck, then it’s time to try a professional matchmaker.  Dating as a mature man or woman can be exhausting, especially if you have a full-time job and hectic schedule and family life.  This is where you can outsource your romantic life to one of our professional matchmakers and let us do the hard work for you.  With our expert help, you’ll be on your way to safely and privately meeting like-minded singles who are also on the hunt for real love.

To reserve your FREE, no obligation 90 minute matchmaking consultation, fill out the confidential form at the top of this page.  Let us show you how exhilarating dating in Los Angeles can really be!

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