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Being with one person for a long time can be a huge challenge for many people.  For one, you have to put up with all their insecurities and weaknesses.  At the same time, you have someone who also puts up with your weaknesses and insecurities.  So how do you know it’s all worth it?  How do you know you’re in the right relationship?  How do you know you have a strong and healthy relationship that’s meant to last?

If you’re questioning the solidity of your relationship, let the #1 Encino dating service, Los Angeles Singles, show you the top ten signs you’ve found the one.

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1. You can finish each other’s sentences.

You know your partner so well that you can pretty much finish their sentences.  This comes in pretty handy because you know exactly what they’re thinking at any given time.  They don’t even have to say a word because you already know what’s going through their mind.

2. You can share the bathroom sink.

You have been living in a small condo but always find a way to work it out.  Whether that’s alternating turns in the bathroom or subconsciously only using one part of the mirror, you don’t mind being close to each other in the bathroom and sharing your space, which isn’t easy to do.

3. You clean up each other’s messes without saying a word.

You find yourself picking up wet towels from the floor, doing the dishes, and taking out the trash instead of nagging your partner and starting an argument.  You used to bring it up, but not anymore.  You know how to choose your battles now.

4. You have your own hobbies.

It’s great to spend quality time with your partner, but it’s also important to have your own hobbies and interests.  You know you’re in a solid relationship when you and your partner each have your own hobbies.  It’s okay that you love running while they enjoy golfing.  It’s okay to go your separate ways and embrace the things you each love.  In fact, spending time apart makes for a healthy and happy relationship.

5. Sex isn’t everything.

You couldn’t keep your hands off each other in the early stages of your relationship, but now that your relationship has matured sex isn’t that important.   You are so comfortable with your partner that you don’t feel the need for so much intimacy in the bedroom, and this is normal, so don’t panic.  It doesn’t mean you’re drifting apart.  You’re in a healthy relationship with a strong foundation that goes much deeper than sex.

6. You share attraction for others.

You don’t get mad when your partner checks out an attractive remember of the opposite sex, and they don’t get mad when you do.  In fact, the two of you are so comfortable together that you can both acknowledge and appreciate an attractive man or woman.

7. You don’t text each other all day long.

Just because you and your partner don’t text each other all day long doesn’t mean you’re struggling in your relationship.  When you’re in a healthy relationship, you don’t have to check with each other every second of the day. Yes, it’s nice to see a message from them pop up on your phone, but you don’t expect texts all day long.

8. You’re their #1 fan.

You know you’re in a healthy relationship when you’re your partner’s #1 fan and they’re yours.  You push each other to accomplish your goals in life, whether it be losing weight together, advancing in your careers, or saving money to buy your dream house and get out of your cramped condo.  You encourage and support each other in individual goals as well as your goals as a couple.

9. You tell the truth all the time.

You know you’re dating the right person when you don’t feel the need to lie.  If you’re in a relationship based on truth, then you’re in a solid relationship.  It doesn’t matter if it will make your partner angry, the truth always sets you free.  Not to mention, everyone deserves the truth.

10. You want to see the world with them.

You know you really found the one when you can’t wait to see what the world has in store for the two of you.  You just can’t wait to travel and explore the world with them.

There’s nothing better than being in a healthy relationship.  But as professional matchmakers, we know how difficult finding the one can be.  Finding the one can be time-consuming and challenging, but if you’re single and searching for love in LA, our Encino dating service can introduce you to relationship-minded singles in Los Angeles who are compatible with you.  To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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