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Sometimes, our relationships just don’t work out the way we want them to. You may meet someone and fall head over heels, thinking that you have a real future together. But unfortunately, not every relationship can have a fairytale ending. Not every couple will stay together forever. We break up and go our separate ways for many different reasons – we may realize that our partner has been mistreating us, we may start to see that they were never right for us, or that we were wearing rose-colored glasses the entire time.

Or it may not be a decision you make yourself. He might be the one who makes the final call and ends the relationship. It’s heartbreaking, but it happens to women every day, even in relationships that seemed to be going perfect.

Occasionally, you’ll be glad when a relationship ends because you’ll recognize that it wasn’t working out. But other times, it will feel like he’s giving up on everything you worked so hard for.

But how do you know if it’s really and truly over? Let our Encino matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service show you the telltale warning signs you lost the love of your life and he’s never coming back.

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1 He’s Already Dating Someone Else

After a breakup, there may be some instances when you think about whether or not you can get back together. Sometimes it works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. But if he already has a girlfriend, you need to accept the fact that it’s over. Some people are serial monogamists. They are always shopping around for potential new flings, even while in a relationship, just because they can’t stand the thought of being single. It’s a bad habit that many people have. If you were dating a guy who always has a backup girl ready to go, there is no chance you’re getting him back because has already moved on.

2. He Deletes You from Social Media

Social media has a big presence in relationships today. Of course, you naturally follow each other, you’ll send each other funny pictures every now and then, you may set a relationship status on Facebook to make it official, and you’ll probably post photos of each other on all your social media accounts.

However, this means social media will also play a big role when your relationship ends. If you want to broadcast your relationship to the world when you are happy together, it might come back to hurt you down the road when the relationship comes to an end. If a guy blocks you from on social media after a breakup or a fight, it means he does not want to risk seeing you, even if it’s only a photo of you.

3. He Starts Acting Weird

So how do we define “acting weird?” Basically, it means that a guy is hiding things from you, and you’re not imagining it. For example, he won’t always tell you where he is or who he’s with, he gets super secretive about his phone and laptop, you never seem to know who he’s talking to everyday, or you hear rumors that he’s been around other women.

These could all qualify as “acting weird.” And in many cases, this means the relationship is over before it actually ended. If a man cannot be truthful with you, it’s a very bad sign. Trust and honesty are key to a relationship, and without it, well, you have nothing. If you can’t trust him, he’s not worth it.

So how does your relationship measure up? Is your guy pulling away and looking for an exit? If so, it’s best to cut your losses and move on with your life so you can find the one you’re meant to be with.

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