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While most women don’t plan on raising children alone, life happens. With that being said, single mothers aren’t damaged, desperate, or anything else people make them out to be. In fact, they’re probably the best dates you’ll ever have, and we’re going to show you why. Today, our Encino matchmakers will show you why single mothers make fabulous partners.

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1. They’re very independent.

Single mothers can do it all. And the best thing about it is that they can do it with little to no help. Raising a tiny human isn’t easy, and they do it all on their own. They have their ducks in a row without depending on a man. Looking after themselves and a little one means that even when they do meet a guy, it’s unlikely they’ll rely on him too much, which relieves a lot of pressure from you.

2. They’re determined to provide a brighter future.

Because they must be so independent, they must be very ambitious too. Single mothers are determined and will go after what they want. They want a better life for their kids and will do everything to get that. While they know they’re women, they’re mothers first and will stop at nothing to provide the best future for their children.

3. They’ve been through it all and come out strong.

Most single mothers have been through some tough things and wear those battle scars with pride. It’s said that hardships are valuable lessons that make us stronger. Single mothers are tough warriors that will stop at nothing. They are strong and resilient, and it takes a lot to knock them down. And even when something does knock them down, they get back up and are ready to do it again.

4. They’re very patient.

If there’s one thing single mothers need in order to stay sane, it’s a lot of patience. Taking care of a little one is like taking care of a drunk friend after a hard night on the town, except it’s a 24/7 job and that friend never sobers up.

5. They appreciate the little things.

Single mothers are lone wolves taking care of their children, so they’re used to doing things solo. When a guy comes in the picture, even the simplest gesture doesn’t go unnoticed. Single mothers are thankful for a helping hand and are grateful to have someone they can lean on occasionally.

6. They are very mature.

Single mothers have too much on their plates to be playing dating games like today’s women tend to play. A sense of security is vital to the relationship, so if a guy is lucky enough for them to think he’s worth investing time into, they will not ghost him or play hard to get. That stuff is for immature women—no questions, doubts, or uncertainties when you’re dating a single mother.

7. They’re very loyal.

Single mothers are not only letting a guy into their lives but into their children’s lives. If they let a guy in, it’s because they see something worthy in him. Single mothers know their children need stability and consistency, so they choose a guy who is worthy of a relationship. Single mothers are the definition of “ride or die” and expect their guy to be the same.

8. Family is everything.

Family is everything to single mothers. It’s their security blanky in life. One of the things that makes single mothers so appealing is that they’re family-oriented.

Although many people shy away from dating single mothers, as you can tell, they make for amazing partners. They are loyal, trustworthy, independent, patient, hardworking, and family-oriented… what’s not to love?

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