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Have you ever seen an attractive woman walking hand in hand with an older man?  Did you wonder why she chose him over someone her own age?  Why would she date a man who is a lot older than her?  Today, Encino matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you the reasons many women are turning to older men for love and relationships.

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1. They have a steady career.

Older men are established in life.  They educated, dedicated, and already invested many years to their careers.  They’re probably very high on the career ladder or could even own their own companies by now.  If you date an older man, he’s happy with what he does for a living, he earns well, and doesn’t have to worry about where his finances like many younger men do.  And with no financial worries comes confidence and security, which are two things women find very appealing at any age. 

2. They have their own place.

Along with having a great career and being financially stable also comes having a nice place.  Of course a younger guy may have his own place, but an older man who is very successful may have eliminated that large mortgage payment by now.  He doesn’t have to share his house with roommates or live day to day like a college kid.  An older man has everything he needs, all on his own.  Women are very drawn to well-established men—and older men are just that.

3. They have good conversation skills.

Have you ever tried to talk to a younger guy?  Many of them are airheads, especially here in Los Angeles.  As a woman, you probably get sick and tired of talking to the aspiring actors, right?  Well, older men are different.  Older men know how to have a good conversation that’s filled with interesting topics and the manners and respect you deserve.  With an older man, the conversation can go on all night.

4. They are very smart.

This one goes hand in hand with the one mentioned above.  An older man has been around the block, which means he is wise.  An older man is filled with knowledge and experience, and it’s this knowledge that makes women melt.

5. They behave properly.

Many younger men don’t know what manners are, let alone chivalry.  An older man will open the car door for you, he’ll hold the restaurant door, seat you, and let you order first.  He’ll even put his jacket over a puddle so you don’t get wet.  Just kidding, but he’ll do whatever he can to show you he cares for you.  An older man will treat you like a queen because he knows how to treat a woman.  And he won’t do this just to impress you, it’s just his charming and respectful character.

6. They have a lot of respect.

Older men have a lot of respect for women.  They’re not constantly searching for who they’re going to sleep with next but rather searching for the real deal.  He will hold your hand in public and won’t play hard to get.  He knows how to treat you with respect, because you deserve it.  Women like older men because of this and prefer to date them over younger guys.

7. They’re ready for a real relationship.

Here is one of the biggest ones, ladies.  Younger men are very indecisive about relationships and most don’t want to commit.  Many younger men aren’t ready for the real deal; however, older men are read to settle down.  Older men aren’t looking for casual flings or quick encounters.  Older men want something real, something solid, and something that will last a lifetime.  If you’re ready for the real deal and looking for a serious relationship, an older man might be ideal for you.

8. They know how to communicate well.

If you’ve dated younger men, you already know how hard it is for them to open up and share their feelings.  Let’s be honest, when you date a younger man, you can’t get them to open up.  But older men are different and know how to communicate well on all levels.  He knows how to talk to you and have conversations about anything, including his feelings for you. 

9. They pay for everything.

Now, this isn’t to say he’s going to be your sugar daddy, because that’s not the men we’re referring to in this article.  We’re talking about older men knowing how to treat a woman, and because they’re financially stable, they’re not going to ask you to split the check.  If he invites you out on a date, you can rest assured he’ll be the one paying.

10. It works out perfectly.

Just like with any other person, sometimes you just click with someone.  And sometimes you might just click with someone who is older than you.  You meet him and he’s everything you’re looking for—and you can’t get enough of him.  If the two of you are meant for each other, age doesn’t really matter.

Our Encino matchmakers know men age like fine wine.  If you are looking for a serious relationship, there is no better partner than an older man.  He will not play games with you, nor string you along.  If you want the real deal, someone who is established, intelligent, respectful, and has manners, an older man could be the one to fulfill everything you’re looking for. 

If you’re not meeting the right partners on your own, contact our Encino matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service to reserve a FREE matchmaking consultation today.  We have a large database of successful, attractive, and relationship-minded men who are serious about dating and falling in love.  Let us be the ones to introduce you to your Prince Charming!

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