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Dating in LA is similar to fishing: if you want to hook a great catch, you must learn how to fish.  And if you want to hook a quality man, you must first know how to date.

Have you ever seen women in LA who seem to have all the luck in the world when it comes to men… yet despite all your best efforts, you’re still single?

Being in the LA matchmaking and dating industry for nearly 30 years, our Encino matchmakers know the top secrets to help you hook a quality man.  By the end of this article, you’ll have no problem getting the attention from quality men in Los Angeles—and that’s a promise!

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How to Become Irresistible to Men: Top Secrets for Success

There isn’t an exact science to attracting quality men.  However, after years of experience in the Los Angeles dating industry, our Encino matchmakers know exactly what men desire in a woman.  You don’t have to possess all of the things mentioned below, but you can start working on them one at a time.  The more of them you can successfully check off, the better your chances of hooking a great catch for the long-term relationship you deserve.

1. Be Confident

Confidence is essential for attracting quality men in Los Angeles, and you can’t deny that.  If you’re confident, you can be a 5 and still get more attention than a model.  Many single women in LA think being confident means having the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfect life, but that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about showing the world that you respect and value yourself.

If you hide yourself behind a face full of makeup or wear sweatpants every day to hide your body, it’s time to change that.  Men can read right through your insecurities like an open book.  You might struggle in the process, but our Encino matchmakers know it will make you a more secure and successful dater, which will help you attract quality men.

2. Create Mystery

One of the best ways to attract quality men in Los Angeles is simply by creating a little mystery.  Do not make the mistake of telling a man everything on a first date.  He doesn’t need to know everything about your life just yet.  If you want to hook a great catch, do it by revealing little things about yourself on each date.  Mystery is what keeps a man intrigued and makes you irresistible.

3. Stay Away from Drama

Men do not like drama, especially the ones who are looking for a serious relationship.  Although everyone enjoys a little gossip from time to time, he doesn’t want to hear you complain about your life the entire date.  It is a huge red flag and a major turn off!  Who wants to date someone whose life is full of drama?  The next time you want to gossip to him about drama, restrain yourself and save it for your best friend.  Better yet, don’t share it with anyone.  Drama is unhealthy.

4. Show Your Softer Side

If you really want to become irresistible to men in Los Angeles, you need to reinforce the fact that you have a softer side.  Of course men love a woman who watches football and plays sports, but what they really like is a woman that has a feminine side.  This doesn’t mean you have to stop watching football or playing sports, it simply means not being afraid of tapping into your feminine side.

5. Be Independent

If there is one thing men are afraid of in the dating scene, it’s a woman who is clingy.  Neither sex likes a clingy partner.  Just because this guy has started dating you doesn’t mean your life has to end and start revolving around him.  Our Encino matchmakers want you to continue living your life like you did before you met him—do not change a thing.

If you used to spend time with your friends on Fridays, don’t stop doing that for him.  Sure, if he invites you, don’t diss him all the time.  But don’t diss your friends either.  Find a happy balance but never stop living your life.  This will show him that you’re independent and capable of living your life without needing him for everything.

6. Be Relaxed

If you’re the type of woman who is constantly on the waiter about her meal or you throw fits because things don’t go your way, it’s time for you to calm down.  Men are not into women who freak out about everything.  Our Encino matchmakers want you to learn to take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down.  If you are in his company, make sure you’re relaxed so he’s more comfortable being around you.

7. Have Fun

Continuing with the above tip, men don’t like a woman who is always down and out.  It is paramount to let loose and laugh.  Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have fun.  Men are attracted to women who know how to have a good time.  If you spill your drink or you break your heel walking into the restaurant, laugh it off.  Believe it or not, this will also make you look confident.

8. Don’t Be Impatient

Yes, we get it: you want a relationship and you want it now.  However, texting a guy many times throughout the day, posting on his Facebook wall, and calling him nonstop will make you look desperate.  Men don’t like to feel pressured.  Just relax and take things day by day—never go overboard.

Being irresistible to men isn’t about looking like a supermodel.  It’s about the things you do and how you do them.  If you work on the things our Encino matchmakers mentioned above, you’ll tilt the odds in your favor and hook a great catch soon.

If you’re still not having any luck in the Los Angeles dating scene after following these tips, it’s time to recruit the experts.  Reserve your FREE, no-obligation matchmaking consultation by filling out the private form at the top of the page.  Let our Encino matchmakers give you the dating coaching, encouragement, and quality introductions you deserve.  We’ve helped many single women in LA go from lonely to in love, let us do the same for you!

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