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When you cheat on your partner, it usually begins as a friendship and turns into something more.  You start developing an emotional connection with this person and end up sharing your tears with them.

When you have an emotional affair with someone, there is a high probability it will turn into a full blown affair.

As the leading Encino matchmakers, we know how devastating emotional affairs can be for your relationship, which is why you should never keep secrets from your partner.

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What is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is when you develop an emotional connection with someone other than your partner.  The relationship begins when you start sharing things with another person and emotional feelings develop.

Many times the person who is cheating on their partner doesn’t feel guilty because they tell themselves no sex was involved.  However, as matchmakers, we know that emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating.

Having a friendship with someone is fine, but letting it turn into something more is not.  Instead of telling this person your deepest secrets, you need to tell your partner instead.

But before getting caught up in an emotional affair, you need to find out the consequences it can have on your relationship.  Today, our Encino matchmakers are going to show you what an emotional affair can do to your relationship.

1. You start leading a double life.

When you start an emotional affair, you know you’re doing something you’re not supposed to; therefore, you’ll begin to lead a double life.  You might not realize it until it’s too late, and by this time you’ll be caught up in two lives.

In one scenario, you’ll start to pay less attention to your partner because you’re making someone else a priority.  In the other scenario, you’ll find it hard to stay away from this new friend.

You will start to lean on them for support for everything happening in your life.  Your significant other and your emotional friend might even know each other, but in the end, someone will end up getting hurt (your partner).

2. You can’t concentrate at work.

Being emotionally attached to someone can cause you to daydream and neglect your job.  This is a very dangerous thing because you’ll end up neglecting not only your relationship but your work too.

Most emotional affairs begin at the workplace.  When you’re at work, you’ll find someone you can talk to, and this person will be your emotional friend.  When you’re at home, you will think about this new friend all the time, preventing you from doing your everyday things.

3. You start to take advantage of your partner.

Having a strong emotional connection with someone will create a distance between you and your partner.  Your partner will start to wonder why you don’t show them affection like you used to.  They will begin to notice that you are pulling away from them.

As the leading Encino matchmakers, we know that an emotional relationship begins when you expect your partner to treat you the same your emotional friend does.  You’ll start arguing with your partner and give more attention to your friend.  Your partner will definitely feel a change in the relationship.

4. Fights start to happen a lot.

When you start to have an emotional affair with someone, little arguments with your partner will start to happen a lot.  Your partner will start to pick up on you suspect behavior, causing you to fly off the handle.  Your partner will sense that you’re keeping secrets from them and that you’re sharing like you used to.  As a result, arguments will happen.

5. You can’t stop thinking about them.

When you lead a normal life, you think about your goals, future, and relationship.  But when you’re having an emotional affair, you can’t stop thinking about that person.  You can’t help but to fantasize about them all the time.  Your life becomes consumed by them.

You’ll think about them so much that you’ll always try to figure out a way to spend time with them, which will lead to putting your relationship in the backseat.  Before you know it, your whole life is a lie, and you can’t remember what you said to each person.  An emotional affair will wreck your life in many ways.

6. You’re frustrated all the time.

Your emotions are all over the place.  On the one hand, you know your partner is the one, and they make you happy.  On the other hand, you think that your emotional friend makes you happier.  But what you don’t realize is that this friend is only a part of your fantasy life and that what you feel for them isn’t real.

Because your feelings are all over the map, you start to get frustrated.  It becomes so much for you to handle that you’re always confused, angry, and uneasy.

7. You kill the romance in your relationship.

This is what happens when you have an emotional affair outside of your relationship.  Your partner might not have done anything wrong, but you believe that they are not catering to your wants and needs.  You lie to yourself and say this is the reason you’re falling for someone else.  You start to see a problem in your relationship that isn’t even there.  This is a common excuse emotional cheaters tend to give.

You created a problem that was never there because you fantasized about someone else.  You convinced yourself that the problem couldn’t be fixed.

Having an emotional affair can destroy your relationship in no time.  You might have excuses as to why you’re doing it, but as matchmakers, we know that no excuse will make it acceptable.  An emotional affair is just as bad as physical cheating.  It has many negative consequences and will destroy your relationship.

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