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Everyone is attracted to things that are potentially harmful for them. For example, you might want that extra slice of pizza even though you know you don’t want the extra calories. There are many times that we make choices which aren’t healthy, and many single women in LA make them every day in their dating lives—like falling for bad boys. You know that deep down they’re not worthy of a relationship but keep falling for them anyways.

What is it about bad boys that keeps drawing you in? What makes bad boys so appealing for single women in LA? Today, our Encino matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will show you why you keep falling for bad boys in the LA dating scene.

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1. They’re a challenge.

Have you ever hit a boring streak in your dating life and felt like doing something different? Are you tired of the same old thing? Well, that’s where the bad boys come into play. When life gets boring, you automatically want to spruce things up with a nice challenge, and that’s exactly what a bad boy is to you.

Dating a bad boy is like taking on a part-time job. From landing his attention, keeping him interested, and to trying to fix him, it’s like another job. Fixing a bad boy is nearly impossible, but that doesn’t stop you from trying. You think you’re going to be the only woman who is able to change him but quickly learn firsthand that won’t be the case.

2. They’re different from the norm.

Every bad boy is completely different and unique. From body builders, bartenders, artists, and musicians, bad boys are a lot of things, but most of them are party guys. Bad boys know how to play on their talents, skills, and abilities and use them to attract women in LA. They know these alluring qualities make women melt.

When you date a bad boy, everything is completely different, which is why you like it so much. His talents are like the peacock’s feathers that have you mesmerized, right? Slow down, because they’re nothing more than a flashy show.

3. They’re protective so you feel safe.

When you date a bad boy, you’ll always feel protected because they always protect their woman. If there is one good trait about a bad boy, this is it. However, don’t get too carried away with this because many bad boys simply put on an act. They like to make themselves look strong so the woman on their arm feels safe.

The dark side of this is the jealousy that comes along with his protectiveness. Bad boys are extremely jealous and possessive. Once they have you in their grasp, you become their property. So while you might reap the benefits of protection, you can expect to lose your freedom, which means you’ll never be allowed to spend time with guys or even venture out on the town with your gal pals.

4. They’re cocky not confident.

Many women are attracted to bad boys because they think they’re confident. And they are, or so it seems. Bad boys aren’t just comfortable and secure in themselves. Oh, no, they believe they’re the best, God’s gift.

There’s no denying that confidence is sexy and attractive, but bad boys are on a whole new level. Most of them are actually insecure and pretend to be confident, which is a defense mechanism to attract women.

Read any dating guide for men or any popular men’s manual to attract women and the first thing you’ll see being preached is confidence. You know the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” And you’re not the only one, this is something bad boys know all-too-well. Ladies, the fierce and confident bad boy attitude is merely an act.

5. They’re charming.

This one gets women all the time. It’s true, bad boys have an irresistible charm that good guys just don’t have. Whether it’s because they act confident or are funny, bad boys always get the woman. Some of them play up their ruggedness, alongside their looks; some put on a great show of masculinity and nonchalantness. But whatever it is, they’re surely charming.

6. They’re risk takers.

Bad boys take risks every day of their lives that many good guys are not willing to take. For instance, they will have no problem talking back to a superior or doing something out of the ordinary just because. Bad boys are adventurous, which is why we can see why so many single women in LA think they seem exciting, adventurous, spontaneous, and super fun to date.

Warning: There is a dark side to all of this. Because bad boys love taking risks, they are addicted to the thrill. And it doesn’t just end at adventures. Bad boys are known for being cheaters—jumping from woman to woman—because they like the thrill. They might do things against the law and get in trouble for it. The consequences of their actions could spill onto you. Again, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Although bad boys might be attractive and appealing, they’re certainly worth the risks. Harsh but true: you will end up with a broken heart, and that’s a promise.

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