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In a perfect world, dates would never be awkward but they are. You would meet someone in a crowded restaurant on a Thursday night, your eyes would meet across the table, and you would both be smiling happier than ever. There would not be even a single moment when you didn’t think it was going great. If only that was real life, right? Even if you’re basically a professional at dating at this point, you would still be nervous about going on a date. It’s impossible not to be nervous. You’re going to be making small talk with someone you don’t know. There’s basically no way that the evening between two strangers isn’t awkward. Unfortunately, even when you get past the first date, things don’t stop being awkward.

Today our matchmakers are going to show the top awkward things about dating in LA that Encino singles encounter on the search for love.

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1. Those dreaded awkward silences

If you’re on a first date, there’s no way around awkward silences. It just can’t be avoided no matter how good you are. Even if you know the guy – you could be lifelong friends or coworkers – you’ll still have at least one of two moments of awkward silences. You’ll get nervous and think that what you’re saying sounds silly and you’ll forget the latest movie you watched. You’ll feel like you have nothing to say to them. He’ll be the same exact way, though, so don’t feel bad about it. Hopefully as the evening goes you’ll both get less nervous and keep the conversation going smoothly.

2. Who ask who on a date

Back in the day – as in, a long time ago before Netflix even existed and Instagram was created – it was always the guy who asked the woman out. There were no two was about this. Now times have changed and as women are becoming more and more in control in every aspect of their lives, from work to love, women are becoming totally okay with asking a guy out on a date. But you still have to wonder if you should bite the bullet and ask your crush out or if you should wait a little longer and wait for him to do it. If you ask him on a date and he didn’t want to date you in the first place, there literally nothing more awkward than that.

3. Talking about previous relationships

Ugh, and more ugh. The worst part of a new relationship is that although you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy towards this new person that’s now such an important aspect of your life, you have to talk about all your previous boyfriends. And he has to tell you about all his previous girlfriends. Neither of you will want to have this conversation, but unfortunately it’s just part of the dating process that everyone has to go through. It’ll be very awkward and you’ll both want to get it over as quick as possible or want to skip it all together so you don’t have to hear how many women your partner has been with. You will survive this, and then you can go back to acting all lovey-dovey and never have to have this conversation again.

4. Post-date texting

One of the most awkward things about dating is the post-date texting. Who is supposed to text who after the date? In reality, either of you can – there are no rules to this – but you might think that it’s a man’s job and wait. You might be waiting forever though, because maybe he gets super nervous and thinks you don’t like him, so there’s no point in sending a quick “hey what’s up text”. If you think your date is shy, you might want to initiate the first text after your first date and you got a good vibe from him. No pain, no gain, right?

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