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Coming up with the perfect birthday gift for him is exciting but equally difficult.  After all, men aren’t easy to shop for.  If your boyfriend’s birthday is around the corner and you still have no idea what to get him, don’t panic.  Upscale Encino matchmakers from LA Singles Dating Service have the ultimate tips to help you choose the perfect gift for your man.

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How Long Have You Been Together?

How long the two of you have been together will play an important role in choosing his gift.  If it is a brand new relationship, it is best to stay away from expensive gifts.  You don’t want to make a bold statement through your actions and get him something too over-the-top.

Look for Clues

You need to think long and hard whether or not your boyfriend has already slipped in a few clues or outright told you what he wants for his upcoming b-day.  He could have said something like, “I always wanted to go to that restaurant in Beverly Hills,” or something along those lines.

Think back to when the two of you were walking through the mall or somewhere he possibly could have mentioned something he wanted.  Obviously if he said he wanted a Ferrari as one roared past you on the highway, it doesn’t mean that’s what he’s expecting.  Don’t worry, he’s not expecting something that expensive.

If you get him something that is over-the-top and expensive, it could make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable in accepting your gift.  He might also feel obligated to spend a lot of money on you since you spent a lot of money on him.  And if he doesn’t have it, you’re going to put him in a bind.

Our upscale Encino matchmakers always advise you look for a small to medium gift.  If he wants to take gift giving to the next level down the road, then it can be discussed.  But for now, just try to keep it small.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make his birthday special.  But you do want to go the extra mile to show you care, and surprises are a great way of doing that.

If you have no clue how much you want to spend, think of his gift as something that is more valuable than what you would give to a close friend.  If you and your group of friends are known for giving each other gifts frequently, then you can choose something a little better than what you gift your friends, of course within your price range.

If on your bestie’s birthday you gave her a gift card to her favorite store or took her out to eat, then you can take it up a step from that for your boyfriend.  But don’t go over-the-top with it.

Do You Have a Creative Side?

You don’t have to buy a gift for his birthday to be special.  If you have a creative side and are into arts and crafts, then use your talent to your advantage.  You can create a very unique gift unlike anything he’s ever received before.  Giving him something you made from scratch will have a lot more value than anything you buy at the store.

Think Like Him…

If you want to give your boyfriend the perfect gift, then you’re going to have to start thinking like a guy.  If you were a man, what type of things would you like?  A lot of things might come to mind, but what is he into specifically?  Is he into fashion?  Does he like electronics?  Does he enjoy fishing?  Ask yourself what he likes and needs and get him something along those lines.

Be Practical

Your boyfriend would prefer to have something practical that he can use rather than something that looks nice and is useless.  Women love mushy things like teddy bears, cards, and flowers.  But men, well, not so much.  He would much rather have a night out at his favorite steakhouse or bistro or perhaps a pair of nice jeans.  Also, if you know something has recently broken, why not buy him a new one?  If he needs to replace his toaster at home, why not get him a new one?  He will certainly love this, and you can still make it romantic by doing other nice things.

Buy Him Something That Fits

If you know what your boyfriend likes to wear, then buy him something that fits his style.  Make sure that whatever you choose is something he will love to wear.  If your boyfriend doesn’t like bright colors, don’t get him a pair of yellow pants and put him in the awkward position of having to wear them just to please you.

Sporty Things

Ladies, not all men are into sports, but if your guy is, then you pretty much have a birthday gift ready to go.  T-shirts, hoodies, sporting equipment, game tickets, you name it, you have many options to choose from.  If you can get him tickets to an upcoming game, that would be awesome.

Just Ask Him

If the two of you have been together for a while, you might opt for just asking him what he wants for his birthday.  You don’t have to ask him to pick the gift itself but rather have him point you in the right direction.  He might have a few things in mind that you didn’t know about.

Ladies, when it comes to buying a gift for your boyfriend, you should always trust your gut.  If you come across something at the mall and think he will love it, just go for it.  After all, you of all people know the things he loves.  And with these tips from our upscale Encino matchmakers, you just can’t go wrong!

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