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As the year winds down, our Los Angeles matchmakers encourage you to think about what has changed in your dating life. If you are still single and would like to change things around and find your Mr. Right, we have some helpful tips to find true love before the year ends.

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1. Open Your Heart to New Possibilities

You are already a member of Los Angeles Singles Dating Service so you must be open to love, right? But truly being open means that even though you are looking for that special someone, you are receptive to love from wherever it comes from. Your Mr. Right might show up on your third introduction or on your tenth, but he might also show up in an unexpected package, something you never imagined. The only way to find out is to go on introductions and dates with different type of men that you normal wouldn’t go for.

2. Don’t Be Exclusive

Okay, so you’ve been seeing a great guy and you’re spending a lot of time together, but does that mean you need to stop going on introductions with other men? Absolutely not. Unless he specifically asks you to be committed, you need to keep your options open. This isn’t playing dating games. It’s about maintaining your sense of self instead of making one man the center of your world. By doing this, you will also prevent yourself from coming off as needy, because, as you should already know, that is the last thing you want to be perceived as in the dating world.

3. Better Your Body Language

The next time you’re out on an introduction, take a moment and notice what your body is doing. Chances are you will be very nervous, likely tensing up your shoulders and clasping your hands. Often times, women become so overly conscious they fail to be feminine, which is so alluring in the dating world. Our Los Angeles dating experts want you to be relaxed, drop your shoulders, and be feminine. When you’re open and feminine, watch how he becomes more receptive towards you, inching closer and closer to your heart.

4. Don’t Think Too Far Ahead

What were you thinking when you were out on your last introduction? If you are like most women, you have probably had one of these thoughts run through your head. Does he like me? Can I see myself dating him? Would he want to go out with me again? Am I making the right first impression? Instead of focusing on the future and the what ifs, why not enjoy the moment with him and try to get to know him so you can find out if you’re compatible with one another? By being present you’ll have more fun on your date, which is what matters in the end.


5. It’s Okay to Share Your Feelings

He arrived late, he talked about his ex, or he forgot to call when he said he was going to. These are all scenarios you’re bound to run into the dating world, even when in a serious relationship. Most women believe that by bringing up these issues they will push men away. But the key is to draw him closer to you by expressing your feelings in the right way, and you can do this by voicing your concerns in a non-blaming way. “I really don’t like it when you discuss other women, but I don’t want to create any awkwardness between the two of us.”

6. Stop Acting like Someone You’re Not

How many times have you put on an act in order to impress a man you were going out with? You might feel that if you reveal you’re quirks you’ll scare him away or that if you disagree with him on a subject that he will never call you again, but our matchmakers want you to know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to go and spill your guts during your first date. It’s about letting go of the belief that you need to be perfect so a man can fall in love with you. Stop censoring yourself and start allowing him to get to know you for the real you, quirks and all.

7. Become More Receiving

You might think that in order to show him how great of a catch you are that you need to prepare him meals every weekend or push the relationship to the next level, but the truth is, men fall in love by what they can do for you, not the other way around. A true gentleman will want to please you, make you happy, and do romantic things for you, and your job is to let him do it.

8. Put Yourself First

It is natural for women to always put their man first, but if you want a successful relationship, putting his needs before yours will be the wrong way to go about it. While it’s true that a relationship requires give and take, you must still take care of yourself first. When a man notices that you treat yourself with respect and kindness, he will see a woman who has a high sense of self-worth and good self-esteem, both of which are very attractive qualities to have in the dating world.

9. Don’t Write Him off Too Soon

Is he too short? Is he bald? Too young? Too old? Too serious? Not serious enough? These are all things that go through a woman’s mind when looking for Mr. Right. Whenever a man shows up into your life, you need to treat it as an opportunity to fall in love. Unless you are very turned off by him or he is rude to you, you should give him a few chances to take you on a date. Although he might not be your Mr. Right, he might get you closer by helping you discover more things about yourself and the things you want and do not want in a partner and long term relationship.

If you want to learn how to make a lasting connection with a man, and you live in the Los Angeles area, our matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service encourage you to fill out the small questionnaire on the right-hand side. It’s simple. We can guarantee we will put you on the path to finding Mr. Right!

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