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Most people aren’t really that invested in their jobs. They don’t care enough about them to put their relationships on the backburner. But if you just so happen to start dating someone who loves their job and can’t seem to step away from the workload to enjoy their personal life, you’ll quickly realize how difficult this relationship can be for you.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to work a bit harder to maintain a healthy relationship – more than a lot of other couples. And believe us, it will not be an easy ride. But if you care about this person and want this relationship to work, you’ll be willing to put in that extra work.

As the best Hollywood Hills dating service, we work with professional singles who are too busy to date on their own, so we know the difficulties they face. We help our clients not only meet compatible local singles, but we also help them overcome any dating challenges they’re facing, and this includes a lack of time due to busy work schedules. Today, our Hollywood Hills matchmakers are going to share some of those secrets with you, as we reveal how to maintain a relationship with a workaholic.

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1. They have to put in work too.

You can’t be the only person putting in all the work in the relationship. When their job becomes the only thing they care about, your relationship won’t last long.

This is the very first thing you need to do once you realize that you’re dating a workaholic. Ask them if they’re really invested in you and the relationship and see if their actions match.

2. Schedule time together.

They likely have a very hectic schedule. That means you’ll have to find your way into it. Sometimes that could mean that both of you actually have to schedule time to spend together. It’s like planning for date nights, except you might just be planning to get together and talk or watch a movie. If your relationship is a priority, then you need to set time aside to spend with one another.

3. Visit them at work.

If they’re at work far more than you are, go ahead and visit them. You don‘t have to say there for long. Sometimes all you really need is a few minutes together to feel good again. You can bring them their favorite coffee or dessert—or better yet, you can enjoy a nice lunch together (time permitting).

And believe us, this can do a lot more for relationship than you think. This selfless act isn’t just doing something nice for them. It’s also supporting them at work and making an effort to be there during your free time.

4. Support their work.

When you’re dating a workaholic, you need to remember that they’re passionate about their work. That’s why you need to support their work. You have to go to be supportive of it if you want this relationship to work out.

If you’re not supportive, they’ll see that. And if they’re a workaholic who really loves their job, they won’t want to date someone who doesn’t see value in what they do.

5. Learn about their job.

Get to know their job better. Ask them why it’s so important to them, and why they have to work so many hours. Sometimes all you really need is a better understanding of what’s going on in their head in order to make things work. And when you ask them questions about their job and why it’s so important to them, make sure you’re not coming off with the wrong tone. Let them know you’re honestly curious about what makes them tick and how you can be supportive. You never want to come off as condescending with this question.

Dating a workaholic is tough, but if you love each other and want to make it work, then you have to put in a little extra effort on your end. This means being understanding and patient. If you can both work together to come up with a plan of action, we have confidence you’ll be able to make it work, and we’re wishing you the best of luck.

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