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It is completely possible that you think you want to be in a relationship while you’re actually afraid of commitment.  You might like certain aspects of a relationship or the whole concept behind it, yet at the same time you might have a hard time committing to just one person.  This could stem from being hurt in past relationships or just the fear of being with one person for the rest of your life.  Whatever the reason, it does happen, and it happens to a lot of people.

There is nothing wrong with you not wanting to commit, unless you’re not being upfront and honest with people you go out with.  It can be very confusing and hurtful to potential partners when they can’t figure out your true intentions.  Awareness is essential here.  Today, our Hollywood Hills matchmakers from LA’s #1 dating service, Los Angeles Singles, will show you the signs you’re afraid to commit.

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1. You only go for one type.

If you are only attracted to one type of person, you might not think that’s a big deal, but it is.  It is your own body’s mechanism keeping you away from suitable options.  A good example is going after the bad boy or the hot blonde because that’s what you’ve been going for your whole life.

You get involved with this type of person because it feels safe, because it’s something you’re used to doing.  Going for just one type doesn’t really make sense if you think about it because you are skipping over great potential candidates who could end up being perfect for you.

2. You don’t like PDAs.

Not liking PDAs can be a sign that you’re not comfortable with your partner or the relationship, and that’s okay because some people take more time to be comfortable with public displays of affection.  As matchmakers, we know there are some people who aren’t big on PDAs in general.  However, if you’re into your partner but aren’t comfortable with PDAs, that can be a sign you don’t want to give up your single days.  Why?  Because you don’t want to make yourself look unavailable in public because you’re keeping your options open.

3. You’re negative about dating.

If you see dating and everything about it in a negative way, then you might actually be afraid to commit.  Saying things like, “All the good ones are taken,” “Everyone is a cheater,” or “Matchmaking doesn’t work,” is super silly.  You are limiting your beliefs by being negative about love and dating.

Nothing in the world is black and white, so why would dating be?  Of course there are many good people who are already in relationships, many people will cheat, and matchmaking may not work for some people (the people who aren’t truly ready to commit to dating), but perhaps the issue is not that.  Perhaps it’s you who is afraid to commit.  While you are busy being negative about dating, you’re cutting off your options and limiting your chances of finding love.

4. You walk away at the first sign of trouble.

If you’re the type of person who runs away at the first sign of trouble, it might be a sign that you’re scared of commitment.  If someone says or does the wrong thing and you suddenly want to stop being with them, you could be afraid of commitment.  You must understand that arguments and fights happen in every relationship, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  But the fact that you aren’t willing to work through your disagreements means you don’t want to give people a chance.

You want the perfect Hollywood relationship, but fail to realize those relationships do not exist in the real world.  If you want to be in a real relationship, you need to understand that nobody is perfect.

5. You want a relationship but something casual.

You might desire being in a committed relationship because you don’t want your new partner to see anyone else besides you.  But you also want to keep things casual because you want to see other people yourself.  This isn’t a real relationship and cannot even exist if you’re not willing to be monogamous yourself.

You can’t demand your partner to be committed to you, while you, on the other hand, are keeping things casual and your options open.

6. You get bored easily.

If you get bored too easily when you’re dating someone new, and this keeps happening again and again, it might be a sign that you’re afraid of commitment.  You might be seeking out partners out of boredom, or you get scared at the first sign of seriousness.

You might have an extremely low tolerance of people or only like the excitement of a brand new relationship.  The first few weeks of a relationship are definitely exciting but don’t last too long.  You need to work on creating a real bond between you and your new partner.  Good relationships shouldn’t be boring, but they also don’t have to be filled with butterflies like the first few weeks of dating.

7. You want physical perfection.

You have very high standards for your romantic partner, especially with their looks.  When you are focused more on the physical attributes than what goes on inside, you’re going to be overlooking and passing on potential candidates who could be ideal for you.  Everyone wants to meet someone who is externally and internally awesome, but because you’re looking for perfection on the outside, you’re greatly limiting your chances of a compatible partner who is ideal for you.

Anytime you seek perfection, you create limits in your dating life and cut off many people along the way.  Of course you should never lower your standards or settle for anything less, but you also need to understand that there isn’t anyone in the world who is absolutely perfect.

Did this article describe you to a T?  Are you afraid of commitment?  Being in a relationship doesn’t have to be scary if you’re with the right person, and that’s what we can do for you here at Los Angeles Singles.  Our Hollywood Hills matchmakers can introduce you to someone who will make you forget about being afraid of commitment and help you experience the beauty of being in a meaningful and committed relationship.

If you’re looking for love in Los Angeles, contact our Hollywood Hills matchmakers by filling out the survey at the top of the page and reserving your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with LA’s #1 dating service, Los Angeles Singles today!

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