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For some reason or another, there are many single women in Los Angeles who have no problems getting a man’s attention but aren’t successful in keeping it. If you’re struggling to keep a guy’s interest, our expert matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service have some tried and tested techniques that work and won’t let you down.

If you recently met a handsome and know the spark is there, then you want to implement the following techniques from our Hollywood Hills matchmakers to keep his interest alive.

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Always Be Confident

Your ex might have been a jerk, the last guy you went out with might have let you down, and even the guy you went out with last night may not have been the one. But this doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Honor and appreciate yourself, and no matter what you send in your text message, let your brilliant personality shine through. Remember that no one would walk into a store if they did not see the store was valuable, and we want you to know that the same rule applies to dating. If his man didn’t think you were worth his time, he wouldn’t be talking with you. The first, and most important, tip is for you to be confident and know your self-worth.

Men Do Not Like Desperation

If a man senses any type of desperation, he’s going to walk away from you, no questions asked. Try to keep this tip in mind when you’re talking to him, because if you show desperation, there’s nothing else you can do to get him back.

Remember what we said to you earlier about value? Well, it is very important that you don’t give your heart out too soon. The right man will think you don’t value yourself and that you’re throwing yourself out there because you’re desperate.

How Text Messages Play into Desperation

Here is an important thing you must know to start having self-worth. Number one, you need to show him that you have a life. Now, what does that mean, you might be asking? Well, it simply means that when your phone rings, you don’t answer it right away. Why? Because you are busy living your life.

Now, don’t misunderstand this and think we said you shouldn’t respond at all. Always respond to his text messages but give him the sense that you have your own life and that you’re busy doing what you like.

Also, not responding immediately to his messages gives you time to enjoy what you enjoy doing without losing focus by responding to him. It also gives you time to compose something appropriate and well thought out. Most of the time, if you reply hastily, you will say something you didn’t want to or you might not get the best results.

If it’s something serious that requires your immediate response, then, by all means, respond to him. If you’re at the office, at the gym, out with a friend, or spending time with family, then focus on what you’re doing and don’t worry about him until you’re done.

Think of his text messages as little pieces of chocolates that you’ll enjoy later on in the day—they’re waiting for you to free yourself up.

Show Your Interest in Him

You don’t want to leave any room for doubt in the sense of not showing interest in him. He needs to know that you’re interested so he can continue to pursue you. Flirt with him, give him compliments, and stroke his ego once in a while. Why? Because men like those things, and just like you enjoy hearing compliments, men do too. So go ahead and show your interest.

There is a huge difference in showing your interest and going over the top. Remember that while you can tell him that he’s attractive or praise something good about him, you don’t want to say it in every text message or even every day, for that matter. Otherwise, it looks like you are desperate.

Show Him You Need Him

This can be a little controversial, especially in today’s dating world. Many women believe they should never confess needing a man, but think about it like this: it is nice to be needed and a man will feel good once you say something along these lines to him. At the same time, it is nice to have a man rely on you too, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, don’t get us confused and think you should become needy or dependent, because there is a major difference. And let’s not forget, being needy is a huge turn off. You don’t need a guy to validate you or make you happy, but if your man has big muscles, then he can carry the luggage or your groceries. If he is good at math, then let him help you calculate your bills. If the two of you are in the same profession but he is above you, then you can go up to him and for advice. See, it is nice to be needed sometimes.

Men love feeling like they are the protectors and providers, and by you showing him you need him once in a while, he will feel proud of himself.

Challenge Him

You already know men enjoy a challenge, so give him a little encouragement to keep coming back for you. This is why our Hollywood Hills matchmakers told you that you need to appear busy rather than applying to his texts immediately. You should not make him a priority unless he has proven himself to be relationship-worthy and right for you.

Dating is all about playing the game, about playing together to find out if the two of you are a match. It will certainly take time to figure out whether he’s worthy of a serious relationship, so try to take your time as you go along and never, NEVER, settle for less than you deserve.

If you’re not meeting the right guys on your own, contact our Hollywood Hills matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles and let us introduce you to quality single men who are compatible with you. Call (310) 438-5157 today to set up a complimentary consultation!







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