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Dinner dates can make it or break it for you. They give you the chance to test your chemistry with the woman across from you to see if things have the potential of turning into something meaningful. But get one or two things wrong and she probably won’t want to see you again. Avoid making a bad first impression by following our LA matchmakers’ top dinner date etiquette tips for single men in Los Angeles.

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Prepare Before the First Date

Picking the right restaurant is essential to your success. You must choose a restaurant with great ambiance and good food. Many prefer to let the woman decide. You can let her decide, especially if you know she’s a picky eater, but you should definitely put some thought into the restaurant and suggest a few of your own ideas. It pays to take the lead and show some initiative.

If you’re unsure about your restaurant choices, ask a friend. Italian and Mediterranean are always a safe bet. They give you a variety and cater to almost everyone’s taste. Keep an eye on your budget and check out the menu beforehand, as well. Dating in Los Angeles isn’t cheap, but nothing looks worse than having to ask a woman who you’re taking on a date to borrow $50 because you can’t pay the bill. Plan ahead, gentlemen.

Create the Perfect Mood

Make sure that wherever you choose has great lighting, comfortable seating, and low noise levels. You don’t want to take her somewhere you would go with the guys (where people are shouting in the background). Remember that she’s a lady, so you need to take her to the right place.

Choose the Right Outfit

When choosing what to wear for a first date, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. A nice blazer can sharpen up your outfit, even if you’re wearing jeans. And don’t forget to go with a great pair of shoes and a nice watch.

Getting to the Restaurant – Treat Her Like a Lady

You should aim to get there 10 to 15 minutes before her to eliminate any potential mishaps of getting stuck in LA traffic. If you’re picking her up and driving your car to the restaurant, be sure you pay for valet parking. You don’t want her walking too far in her stiletto heels.

Be Polite When Ordering

Get more than just a burger. A nice entrée and a dessert can turn a good dish into a great meal. Always let the woman order first. If she’s unsure what to get, make a few suggestions and ask the waiter for ideas too.

Show Your Manners

Take your time, you’re not hanging out with the guys. Dinner isn’t meant to be rushed. Keep the conversation flowing throughout the meal. You don’t want to polish off your meal before her and make her feel uncomfortable.

Also, no phones on the table. Show the woman across from you the respect she deserves by providing her with your undivided attention. Use your manners throughout the entire date and never use your hands unless it’s absolutely necessary (such as eating crabs, although that’s not really a first date dish).

Pay for the Bill

Paying for the date can be a delicate issue. If you invite her on the date, then it’s your job to pay for the date.

Pro Tip: To avoid awkwardness of fighting for the bill, give the waiter your credit card beforehand and tell him you got it.

Dinner etiquette is very important to have a successful first date. Your date is checking to see if you have manners, are respectful, courteous, and family-friendly.

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