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Are you looking for ways to find out if a man is into you or not? Either he is or he isn’t, but there’s no point in wasting your time if not. Read on to find out the answers as our LA dating service gives you six signs to figure it out.

How to Tell a Man Is Not into You

How can you tell if a man isn’t into you? Well, basically what you need to understand is that every man has their own type of woman. Ask your friends as well as other people what type of partner they go for and every answer will be different.

If you are a man’s type and he is yours, you’ll have a great chance at creating a long lasting relationship. However, if you’re not his type or you don’t interest him, then things aren’t meant to be. And if you try to change yourself to fit into his criteria, you’ll end up with a broken heart in the end. We don’t want to see things end in tears, so our LA dating service is here to reveal some simple signs to let you know he’s not that into you.

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Read below and find out where you stand.

The top signs a man is not interested in you, signs you should back off before you waste any more time.
How can you tell a man is not into you? Well, today, some of our LA dating experts will share some of the knowledge they have acquired over the last 25 years in the Los Angeles matchmaking industry.

1. He Tells You about Other Women He Is into

This is one of the most obvious signs a man is not into you. What he is clearly telling you here is that he doesn’t want to be with you. Now, make sure you don’t get confused with the random story he shares with you about a woman. What we’re talking about here is when he literally tells you he is into someone else. If he is comfortable enough to share that he has feelings for another woman, then you already know he doesn’t care for you in that manner. This is a crystal clear sign that he has no interest in you. If he was interested in you, then he would never be talking about another woman in front of you.

2. He’s not around You

This is also a big sign that basically means he is not into you. If he doesn’t have any interest in you, then he won’t want to be around you. When a man is into a woman, he’ll do several things; he will never ignore her, he will tease her, he will be playful, but he will always want to be around her when he has the chance.

If a man is very into you, you will notice that he is close to you whenever he can be. He will pop up where you work, go to places he knows you frequent, and hang out with people he knows you hang around. All of this is something you might never have realized, but as soon as it registers, you’ll begin to take notice more often. This is a quick way to know if a man is into you or not, and all without him saying a word.

3. The Way He Talks to His Friends Is Similar to How He Talks to You

So how do you know he’s into you? Well, it’s very simple. If he is always talking to you in a casual tone of voice, very similar to the way he talks to his friends, then he is probably not interested in you.

When a man takes interest in a woman, there will be a little difference in the way he speaks to her; a difference shows he’s interested. If he was into you, he would talk to you for prolonged amounts of time and always giving you his undivided attention. So go ahead and start observing the way he talks to his friends so you can judge if he is into you or not.

4. He Doesn’t Show Interest in Talking to You

Well, this one is as straightforward as it gets. When he isn’t interested in talking to you, you already know he doesn’t feel a thing for you. He won’t ask you for a date, nor will he be around because there is no interest in you romantically.

The important thing here is not to make assumptions that he is afraid of making the first move or that he is shy. Many men have their own ways of approaching a woman; some take days and some do it quickly. You have to check out if he has had many chances of approaching you or talking to you and make the decision whether or not he overlooked the chances or he did not take the initiative because he just did not care. Lastly, if you are the one talking to him and he seems as though he’s in a rush to finish the conversation, well, there you have it, he’s not into you at all.

5. He Doesn’t Have Time for You

If a man is flaky with his time and cancels plans frequently, it means he doesn’t have interest in you. Frankly speaking, if he starts missing your dates, then without a doubt, you can be sure of this.

If a man wanted to be with you, there is nothing in the world that would prevent him from wanting to see you or at least taking the initiative to reschedule the date. If he doesn’t show any efforts or doesn’t want to give you his time, then he is not really into you.

6. He Flirts with Everyone

Noticing how a man communicates with others is essential in figuring out whether he’s into you or not. If he flirts with you the same way he flirts with the waitress or another woman, then you are nothing special to him.
If you want to find out whether or not this man likes you, the six signs above should tell you everything. You should use these signs to figure it out before you waste your time on him.

If you’re having trouble meeting the right men on your own, contact our matchmaking professionals to set up a consultation today. We’ll introduce you to relationship-minded men who are compatible with you.

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