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Let’s face it, the honeymoon period in most marriages doesn’t last very long.

When you lose the spark in your marriage, it’s not always because you don’t have time for each other.

Almost always, it’s because you aren’t having enough fun together.

All relationship usually start off with a bang.

Then, little by the little, the spark fades away.

If you want to reignite the spark in your marriage, you need to use the following date ideas from the #1 Playa del Rey dating service, Los Angeles Singles, and rekindle your love.

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1. Visit a New Place Together

Break away from your boring routines and visit a new place together.  Whether it’s a new hiking trail or a new restaurant that just opened in town, go somewhere that forces you out of your comfort zone.  The new setting will help you stay engaged and interested rather than visiting the same old restaurant you go to every weekend.  It’s also a great conversation starter, as you both get to explore a new place or activity together.

  1. Do Some Crafting Together

If you’re both homebodies but you’re sick of watching movies, go for a fun arts and craft night where you scrapbook or make custom decorations or pins. You can also make some cute gifts for your friends or family members.

3. Have a Wine Testing

You don’t need to go to a vineyard for this wonderful date idea.  You and your partner can each pick one or two bottles of wine, grab some cheese and crackers and get ready for a cozy night in.  The best part of this at-home date? If you want to drink more than 1 bottle, you absolutely can!

4. Plan a Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn in the microwave and snuggle up on the couch for a relaxing night for two where you get to watch your favorite movies together. James Bond, Jurassic Park, Dumb & Dumber… you name it.  You choose the theme, as long as you both agree.  You can also start a new series together and vow to only watch it with each other.

5. Splurge on a Romantic Dinner

Want to bring the spark back in your marriage but don’t know how? It’s simple, plan a romantic dinner date for two.  Why not check out that new restaurant that just opened in town?  A candlelit dinner in a romantic setting could be just what your marriage needs.

6. Go to a Music Concert or Comedy Show

Whether it’s an outdoor concert or local bar, listening to live music is great for a date.  Look online to see who’s playing in your town.  Alternatively, if you and your partner are into laughter, check out the local comedy clubs instead.

  1. Spend Time Outdoors

Spring is the perfect time of year to be outside.  Whether that involves hiking, riding bikes, horseback riding, or walking together at a park, the great outdoors may be just what your marriage needs.  The fresh spring air is just perfect for taking in the scenery without breaking a sweat.

Perhaps you can invite your partner to a romantic picnic in the park.  A romantic getaway is also perfect for growing closer together and strengthening your bond.  If you don’t have time for an overnight adventure, an afternoon picnic will do the job. Pack some goodies and a bottle of wine, grab a large blanket, and enjoy a romantic evening for two.

If your marriage has been lackluster lately, it’s time you put in the time and efforts to rekindle the love. Use these seven matchmaking tips from our dating and relationship experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service and bring the spark back to your relationship in no time.

If you’re single and want to meet marriage-minded singles in Los Angeles, contact the #1 Playa del Rey dating service today and let us help you find your perfect match. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.


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