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Are you looking for tips to find love in Los Angeles?  If so, you’re at the right place!  As the top LA matchmakers, we’ve been helping local singles find love for nearly three decades.  We have the knowledge and experience to assist you on your search.

As you already know, there is nothing like the Los Angeles dating scene.  Even if you are okay with your single status, deep down you want to spend your life with someone special.  But how can you find someone special in the fast-paced and chaotic LA dating scene?  What can you do to improve your chances of finding love in Los Angeles?

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of our best kept secrets that will help you find love in Los Angeles.  Get ready for the matchmaking tips that will transform your romantic life!

how to find love in los angeles

1. Learn to Read Your Dates

Having troubles deciphering whether your date is into you or not?  Use this pro tip: put your romantic notions of finding your ideal partner aside and enjoy dating for what it’s worth.  You might have met the one many times before but let them go because you did not know how to read them.  Maybe you were over-analyzing everything they did and said and pushed them away.

Listen to your inner voice and follow gut instinct.  Your gut instinct will always help you recognize a good or bad date.  Ease up and go with the flow.

2. Improve Your Social Skills

Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.  In fact, we encourage you to talk to at least one stranger every day.  Really, this will improve your social skills in no time.  Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with your pharmacist when you go pick up your medicine, and be sure to look them in the eyes when you’re talking to them.

Compliment the older lady that just passed you on the street or let the guy in the elevator know you really love his tie.

Social skills are essential to find love in Los Angeles.  How?  Because when you’re in the grocery store and see someone who catches your eye, your social skills will already be up to par and you’ll be confident enough to talk to them.  Opportunities to find love in LA are just about everywhere you turn, but you must be able to recognize them and have the confidence to approach.  This is why you must first practice your social skills every day.

3. Let Go of Your Type

You have to be willing to date people you’re not normally into.  Here at LA Singles Dating Service, we introduce people based on qualities, values, and commonalities.  Just because someone doesn’t look like your ideal partner doesn’t mean they won’t be.  We have thousands of clients who are now in happy relationships with people they never thought they would click with.  So just like that, we want you to start dating outside your type too.

Date people who fit your dating criteria outside of looks.  Date people who respect and appreciate you and have similar lifestyles as you.

4. Find Someone Who Makes You a Better Person

The older you get and the wiser you become, the more you will understand this point.  We all need to have someone who makes us a better person, which is why it’s so important to find a partner who helps you pursue your goals and sticks with you through the struggles.

Find a partner you can grow old with, someone that can introduce you to new ideas, places, and experiences.  You need to find someone who can challenge you and broaden your horizons.

5. Always Have Fun with Dating

Dating is meant to be fun.  If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.  Even if you’re having a lot of bad dates, don’t let them destroy your dating life.  Make sure your next date is fun and exciting.  It’s time to think outside of the box.  Now is the time to do something besides Netflix and chill.  Keep things lights and playful and ensure you’re both always having a good time.

Here at LA Singles, we’re firm believers of fun dates.  Why?  Because fun dates take the pressure off the date, they make it feel less like a job interview, and they allow for both people to really enjoy themselves, and that’s what dating is all about.  Our matchmakers recommend you check out different things from now on.  How about bowling, ice-skating, rollerblading, and checking out gallery exhibits?  Go for a walk downtown or a picnic at the park.

6. Don’t Wait to Date

Perhaps the most important tip to find love in Los Angeles is to never give up on your search.  A lot of people wait until the holidays are over to start searching for love, or for work to slow down so they can venture out into the LA dating world without the stress of work lingering over them.

But why are you putting dating off?  Why do you feel like you have to finish something before you can start dating?  Whether it’s finishing a project or losing weight, you don’t have to put dating off, and you shouldn’t.

If you continue putting dating aside, you’ll be skipping on your chance to find love.  Before you know it, you’ll always be too busy to date and always coming up with an excuse as to why you can’t.

7. Focus on the Now

Last but not least, if you want to find love in Los Angeles, you must stop worrying about the future so much.  As a professional matchmaking service, we’ve heard many reasons why men and women don’t think they should meet someone for a date.  They worry about not having anything in common, not knowing how to keep the conversation flowing, or even how to say goodnight at the end of the date.  But worrying about the future so much will only hurt your romantic life.

Our LA matchmakers don’t want you to think so far into the future.  Try to focus on having fun right now.  The future is certainly important to you, but you’re not there yet.  So let go of what you can’t control and focus on what you can, right here in the now.

Are you having a hard time trying to find love in Los Angeles?  Do you wish you could meet quality people who are also searching for true love?  Fill out the private form at the top of the page today and let LA Singles Dating Service introduce you to eligible single men and women who are looking for a committed relationship.

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