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It is absolutely wonderful to be in a relationship. You have someone to care about you, someone to talk with when you’re having a bad day, someone to enjoy romantic dinners, and someone to looking forward coming home to after a long week at work. Sounds wonderful, right? Sure it does. But there is a slight downfall to getting comfortable in a relationship: your increasing waistline.

Your chances of gaining weight skyrocket once you’re comfy in a relationship. Why? Because your lifestyle and eating habits dramatically change. Long gone are the days where you woke up early to go for a five mile run before work. Long gone are Saturday spin classes at the gym. And long gone are those healthy salads you made for dinner every night.

When there are two to think about, your solo self tends to get lost in the whirlwind of the relationship. Don’t believe us? Sorry, it’s true, ladies. Today, our LA matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are going to show you how your partner is causing you to gain weight.


1. You stopped taking care of yourself.

Congratulations on snagging such a wonderful guy. We’re ecstatic to know that you’re feeling complete and happy since you met him. The good news is that you don’t have to put yourself out there anymore—no more attending singles events or saying yes to horrible dates set up by friends. Great, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop putting efforts into your appearance.

It’s true, when people get in a relationship, they let go of themselves a little bit because they’re relaxed and don’t feel like they have to impress their partner anymore.

Yes, you scored a wonderful man who wants to be with you and doesn’t care about seeing you at your worst, but does that mean you need to let yourself go? Don’t you want to feel good about your appearance? Well, then it’s time to change your behaviors and start getting back to your healthy habits. It’s time to get back to the vibrant and healthy you again.

2. You Skip Workout Sessions

Remember how you used to get up early every Saturday morning to go to spin class—that is before you met your boyfriend and started hitting the local farmers market instead? Remember how awesome you felt all day? Hitting the weights, drinking your organic juice, and eating healthy meals all day? Ah, yes, you remember it—that high was unlike anything else you ever felt. But now that you’re in a relationship, those days are few and far in between because you would rather stay in bed and cuddle all day long.

We understand that your bed is probably very comfortable, so you don’t want to get out of it. And why would you when your partner is willing to lie in bed with you all day? But if you continue on with these bad habits, you’re definitely going to pack on the pounds. It’s time to get back on track so you’re feeling energetic and healthy again.

3. He Influences Your Eating Habits

Gone are the days when you hit the organic stores and bought nothing but clean food items. You couldn’t wait to get home and prepare a delicious garden salad, but nowadays your boyfriend’s eating habits are rubbing off on you. Instead of making fresh salads after tough workout sessions, you’re now opting for pizza and Chinese take-out on the couch.

Everything started off with one meal, which you gladly gave into because you worked out all the time and ate healthy on a normal basis. But now that you’re consistently eating bad foods, it’s no wonder you’re putting on the pounds. You feel bloated and heavy all the time. But who are we to say anything? Although you enjoy this time together and have made it a regular thing, your waistline might beg to differ.

4. You Stay in More Often

When you first started dating your guy, the two of you were out and about all the time. You were hitting the movies, checking out local art exhibits, going to winetasting events, and hitting the bars and clubs. But now that you’re comfy together, it’s all about Netflix. And while you might prefer to stay at home with your boyfriend eating pizza and watching Netflix every weekend, this could be the cause of your weight gain.

Lying on the sofa with a bag of chips on each side is a concern for your health. Once in a while it’s okay to pig out on your favorite snacks, but if you want to stay healthy and fit, then it’s time to say goodbye to those bad snacks and lazy habits. Get up and get moving! Your waistline will thank you for it.

It’s not that your boyfriend is making you gain weight. It’s that you’re comfortable in your relationship and don’t feel the need to put the same efforts into yourself as you did when you were single. But continuing on with these couch potato habits will not only be bad for your waistline but for your relationship too. It’s time your jumpstart your metabolism and get back to your fit and healthy lifestyle today!

If you’re single and looking to meet relationship-minded men in Los Angeles, guys who are fit and health conscious just like you, contact our LA matchmakers today. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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