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Happy couples are the meaning of romance and happiness. Everyone wants to be one of those blissfully happy couples we see walking down the streets, but when we’re not in a happy relationship, we all hate them.

Do you want to be a happy couple? One that makes everyone else around envy them? Well, now you can. And today, our LA professional matchmakers will show you the secrets to becoming one of those highly envied couples in a thriving relationship.

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How to Be That Happy Couple

Letting the world know you’re a happy couple is kind of like having your own business. Your business might be thriving with success, but no one will know that unless you toot your own horn a bit (in a discreet way, of course).

Use these dating secrets from our LA professional matchmakers and let the world know just how happy you both are.

1. Work Out & Be Seen Together

Working out together is great for many different reasons. Both of you will look and feel great, your skin will be glowing, and your endorphins will be through the roof. Enjoy turning people’s heads with your toned bodies as you’re walking down the street holding hands.

2. Get Cozy in Public

Try to hold hands wherever you go and whenever you can. Sure, you might annoy many people, but it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re happy with your partner and not getting too cozy in public, you’re allowed to hold hands with each other. Get everyone talking about how close you and your partner are, despite how many years you’ve been together. Notice that we did not say, PDA.

PDAs are not classy. No one wants to see you making out with your partner, so save those kissing sessions for behind closed doors.

3. Compliment & Thank Each Other in Front of Others

You know you have good manners and you must put them to good use, so compliment and thank your partner whenever needed. Whether it’s because they passed you a plate or because they offered you their coat on a chilly night, try to implement more thank yous and compliments whenever you’re in earshot of people. Also try to be more affectionate with each other when other couples are around.

You will feel a lot better about your relationship while other couples and friends take notes. Everyone will want to have a relationship just like yours. Plus, it’s good to be a good role model for others around you.

4. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public

Never argue with your partner in front of friends or other couples. And worse, never scream at each other or have a fight in public. Your friends will quickly spread the word and your relationship will suffer. If there is a problem, our LA professional matchmakers advise you to handle it at home, behind closed doors.

5. Get Cute with Each Other

Have you ever noticed how those happy couples walking around town are always playful and giddy with each other? Well, it’s time for you and your partner to do the same. Crack jokes, share funny stories, and have fun teasing each other a bit.

6. Have a Great Sex Life

Yes, this is one of the top secrets to becoming a truly happy couple. Having a great sex life will create great vibes. You will feel good and look good, almost like an instant glow.

7. Greet Each Other Fondly

When you run into each other in public, be sure to greet one another in a warm and welcoming way. If you’re meeting at a friend’s house, a party, or a restaurant, walk up to your partner and greet them with a big kiss and radiant smile. Friends and others couples around you will take notice to the way you treat each other and will want to have the same positivity in their relationship.

8. Don’t Speak Poorly of Each Other

Do you ever feel like talking poorly about your partner to friends? Well, don’t. That’s not what happy couples do. Happy couples don’t put their partners down. Why? Because they solve their problems behind closed doors and know it’s disrespectful to talk poorly of one another.

9. Be Charming When You’re Together

Being charming is not just a way of winning the opposite sex; charm is something you can use to make yourselves look sexy. You can be charming by being the perfect host when you have friends or other couples come over to your place. Stand with your partner and wrap your arm around them. You will definitely radiate charm and romance and others couples will want to have what you have.

10. Call Each Other Often

Keep your partner in the loop about what you’re doing and avoid lying or sneaking around behind their back. If one of your friends knows more about your life than your partner, then you have a problem on your hands. Your partner needs to be your confidant, the one you go to for everything.

11. Indulge in Romantic Gestures

Get each other little gifts from time to time—it will work wonders in keeping the romance alive. Indulge in romantic gestures wherever you are and always remember that when you’re in public your partner deserves preference before anyone else around. Let your partner order before you when out in a group setting, pull out their chair when they’re about to sit down, and always engage them in group conversation.

Use these 11 tips to be that happy couple everyone wants to be. But most importantly, do it to make your relationship better!

If you’re single and searching for a partner, contact our LA professional matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality singles in Los Angeles. Let us help you find the love you deserve!


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