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If you were cheated on in the past, then you probably remember asking yourself what in the world you did wrong to make your partner stray. In most cases, cheating has nothing to do with you but rather with your partner. It stems down to many different things that make them look for affection outside of the relationship. Of course, a cheater may never really tell you why they cheated, but as Los Angeles’ best matchmakers, we have your answers.

There are many different reasons why people cheat on their partners, and those reasons might shock you. Cheaters seek love, affection, and emotional intimacy outside of their relationship. If you are trying to figure out why people cheat in hopes of cheat-proofing your relationship, read on as our matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service shed light on the real reasons people step out of a relationship and betray their partner.

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1. They Feel Suffocated

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt suffocated by a partner? Perhaps you asked them to give you space or put an end to the relationship because you just couldn’t take it anymore. Well, this is the very reason many people step out on their partner.

If someone’s personal space is taken away, they’re going to look for freedom outside of the relationship. They might cheat on their partner to reclaim their independence, even if it’s only temporary. If you’re currently in a relationship where you keep your partner on a short leash, this could be a recipe for disaster. Your short leash might cause your partner to cheat on you in search of freedom. Allow them the time and space they need to lead a satisfying life outside the relationship and you won’t have to worry about them wanting to escape it.

2. A Drastic Change in Their Appearance

Bettering yourself physically is a great way to boost your self-esteem, but do you know what it can also do? It can also give you a reason to cheat. For example, if your partner was overweight when you first started dating them and they’ve all of the sudden gotten into shape, they might be getting a lot of compliments from the opposite sex. He or she might love the attention they’re getting, which may cause them to cheat.

The same can be said for a woman that gets breast implants or facial surgery. Suddenly, she will be head over heels with herself and feeling more confident than ever before. This increased attention from the opposite sex can cause a partner to cheat.

3. Having Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is another major reason why people cheat. When you have self-esteem problems and your confidence is very low, you might find yourself seeking someone who gives you validation. Those who love being the center of attention, the ones that are the loudest at the party and want all eyes drawn to them, are often the ones who fall temptation to cheating.

If you believe you’re not worthy of the love and respect your partner gives you, you might seek it from someone else, and that could cause you to cheat. Believe it or not, people with low self-esteem are prone to cheating.

4. To Fix the Relationship

This might sound crazy to you, but as Los Angeles’ best matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that it’s the truth. You absolutely read that right. Some people step out to get their partner’s attention and save the relationship. If someone is unhappy with their relationship, they might seek out others for sexual pleasure and intimacy. This doesn’t mean they’re going to leave their partner, they’re just looking for sexual gratification.

Also, some people cheat on their partners when their partner can’t have sex for medical reasons. They justify it by saying their partner cannot perform. They believe that they can get intimacy from someone else and that it will not hurt the bond they have with their partner.

5. To Boost Their Confidence

For those who are in an unhealthy relationship, they might cheat to boost their confidence. If they don’t have the strength to put an end to their relationship and walk away, they might cheat on their partner to see if they still got it. They will search for sexual partners outside of the relationship to give themselves a confidence boost. Many people cheat to feel desired and wanted.

As humans, we all love to have our egos stroked, but that should come from your partner, not from someone else. Those who are looking for a quick confidence boost will find it outside of the relationship, and once they do, they become addicted to it and will often continue to search it out.

6. Out of Boredom

Unfortunately, we know that relationships can get complacent, and after being together for a long time things become stagnant. Once the fun and excitement is out of the picture, the relationship gets dull and falls into a routine. Many cheaters admit that their relationship got boring, which is what led them to cheat. They were looking for that excitement outside of the relationship without realizing they could have had the same fun with their partner had they brought it up and made changes together.

If you want to make sure that your partner never cheats on you, you must work hard to keep things fun and interesting and maintain the spice in your relationship. Don’t let your relationship become boring or you risk the chance of being cheated on. It’s not too late to turn things around today.

Infidelity is an intolerable act. If your partner has cheated on you, you deserve someone better, and we can introduce you to them. As Los Angeles’ best matchmakers, we work with genuine, love seeking singles in LA who are ready to be in a committed relationship. Cheating is the last thing on their mind, believe us. We only accept genuine singles who have been thoroughly screened and vetted to ensure they’re fit for a meaningful relationship.

If you’re ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Los Angeles, contact us by filling out the quick and easy survey at the top of the page and book your FREE (90 minute) matchmaking consultation with Los Angeles’ best matchmakers today!



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