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When you’re in a relationship, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is the end date. No one gets married expecting to get divorced, and no one enters a relationship expecting it to end. Sometimes we see the signs that it’s coming to an end, or maybe someone did something worthy of a breakup. Maybe one of you cheated, maybe your lives are going in separate directions, or maybe you just grew apart. But breakups are the hardest thing we have to deal with as humans. Unfortunately, it’s the price we pay for love.

While we occasionally know that our relationship is standing on its last leg, sometimes we get taken by surprise with a blindsided breakup. To prevent this from happening to you, our expert matchmakers have some tips to help you spot the signs your relationship is unraveling. So pay attention as the best Los Angeles dating service reveals three telltale signs he’s about to dump you.

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1. He stops including you in his life.

You used to always go out with him and his friends for happy hours, but now you never get an invite. You previous spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with him and his family, but now you’re spending it alone. He used to tell you everything that was going on in his life, but now you never hear a thing. In fact, when you do get to talk to him, it’s like pulling teeth.

When a guy is trying to break up with you, he’ll start detaching himself from you physically and emotionally. He’ll slowly pull away from you and shut you out of his life. Those invitations you used to get are long gone.

2. He gets annoyed with you.

All those things you did that he once found super cute are now very irritating to him, and you don’t understand why. He’s never had a short fuse, but now you feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time. Everything you do or say turns into a fight. Basically, it seems like every time you spend time together he’s annoyed, bored, or angry.

Fights are inevitable in any relationship, but it seems like that’s all you do when you’re together now. Guys will often start arguments when they want a reason to break up. They cause a lot of stress in tension in the relationship in hopes of opening your eyes.

3. He lies to you.

Relationships are built on trust and honesty. But once those things are gone, then the relationship will end. Maybe he’s lying to you about his whereabouts on the weekends, or perhaps he’s purposely deleting messages from another woman. But any lie in a relationship is unacceptable.

Lying to your partner means you have no respect for them because you don’t think they’re worthy of the truth—or you don’t want to show your true colors and instead lie to them. Lies create mistrust in a relationship, and once you’ve caught him in a lie, then you know it’s just a matter of time before he lies to you again.

So tell us, do you see any of these three warning signs in your boyfriend’s behaviors lately? Is he about to break up with you? Don’t get blindsided by a breakup. Know the signs so you’re prepared for the worst.

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