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Men are very complicated creatures.  While the unifying stereotype for men leads us to believe that they all like simplicity, as LA matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience, we know that’s not always the case.  If you’ve managed to find a great candidate in the vast sea of single men in LA, how do you reel him in and win him over?  First, you need to learn what he likes.  Sometimes the very basic pleasures in life can go a long way in winning a guy’s heart, so it goes without saying that knowing what those things are can put you ahead of other women in Los Angeles.

If you found a great guy and want to win his love and affection, get ready as the #1 Los Angeles matchmaking service reveals five simple tips to win a guy’s heart.

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1. Through His Stomach

It’s no secret that men love to eat.  Busy professional men in Los Angeles are very busy creatures and need a lot of calories to keep moving throughout the day, no doubt.  But this tip goes a little deeper than that.  When you think about it, feeding someone is the ultimate form of love.  It is a very kind gesture that takes effort to a different level.  When a man receives a wonderful meal prepared by someone he loves, it shows him that he’s cared for.  If you are a good cook, make sure you spoil him with his favorite home cooked meals every now and then.  Nothing says you care for him like surprising him with his favorite eats.

2. Let Him Miss You a Little

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that’s 100% true for winning a man’s heart.  We tend to miss people more when we don’t see them all the time.  So while you might want to rush home after work to spend quality time with him, resist that temptation.  Go ahead and schedule time with your friends, go shopping, or hit the gym.  Let him see that you have other things in your life besides him.  This is going to make him fall in love with you more, trust us.  Your independence as a woman speaks loud in dating.

3. Get Along with His Parents

His mom and dad are the most important people to him, which means they should be important to you too.  Getting along with his parents will win you many points with him.  Invite them over for dinners at your place or join him at their house for family get togethers.  When you meet his parents for the first time, wear something conservative and do not cower.  Show them that you’re a great woman who is taking fabulous care of their son.  Oh, and don’t forget to always help mom in the kitchen and laugh at dad’s jokes.

4. Encourage Nights Out

Just like we told you that you need to spend time with your friends, your boyfriend wants to spend time with his too.  Instead of pressuring him to spend time with you, encourage him to go out with his buddies.  Don’t always tag along or put up a fight when he mentions drinks with the guys.  There are boundaries here, but as long as he’s behaving and giving you no reason to doubt him, then he should be able to hang out with his friends.  In fact, you can even offer to pick him up after he’s had a few drinks.  We said it before and we’ll say it again, cultivating relationships outside of your romantic relationship is crucial for both partners.

5. Love Something He Loves

One of the best ways to win a man’s heart is by doing something together, especially something he loves.  Whether it’s watching football, cooking, beer/whisky/winetasting, or playing golf, take interest in his interests.  Do something he loves doing and be happy about it.  It’s even better if you’re the one to suggest it.  Sharing a mutual interest is a wonderful way to bond and connect.  It will solidify your relationship and show him that you’re a keeper.

Winning a man’s heart isn’t about large gestures, wearing skimpy clothes, or spending every waking moment together.  It’s about small gestures that speak volumes of you and your potential of being the one.

But what if you haven’t met someone worthy of your time and efforts?  What if you have no time to look for dates on your own?  Well, the answer is simple! Let our Los Angeles matchmaking service do the hard part of dating for you.  We’ll introduce you to quality single men in LA who are compatible with you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy meeting amazing guys with the potential of being the one.

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