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Men are very complicated.  That being said, women in LA can be very complicated, too.  With so much on the line, there is a lot of overthinking when it comes to finding your happily ever after.  Unfortunately, here at LA Singles Dating Service, we know there is no magic formula to get to a man’s heart without scaring him away.  Caught up in the excitement of the new relationship, many women become too eager to make the relationship work and end up pushing the guy away.  Women are determined to do whatever it takes to make it work and end up doing things that push their man away.

While it might seem like you’re being the best girlfriend in the world, you could unknowingly be pushing him away.  Not showing your true colors and acting like someone else isn’t going to win him over.  After all, how can someone love you if they don’t know who you really are?  So before you get all caught up in your new relationship and do things you normally wouldn’t do, take a step back and consider if what you’re doing is pushing this new man way.

As Los Angeles elite matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience creating compatible matches, we’ve helped thousands of singles women in LA find and cultivate a meaningful relationship, and we’re here to do the same for you.  So get ready as our LA matchmakers give you the inside scoop on modern men.

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1. You pretend to like what he likes.

Most women have been here before.  Suddenly, you find yourself in a room full of guys trying to decipher how to act when someone scores.  In between the yards, the downs, and the flags, it’s clear that you know nothing about football.  However, you put a fake smile on your face and jump up and down when everyone else in the room starts to cheer.

As matchmakers, we know that it’s only natural to want to show interest in what your new boyfriend likes.  But if you don’t know anything about it, don’t lie and pretend.  Don’t pretend to like all the things he likes; after all, it is important to have separate interests.  If you force yourself to like something you don’t, you aren’t really enjoying it.  Believe us, it will show.

2. You want to spend every second together.

During the early stages of your new relationship, it is only normal to want to spend every second with him.  Every touch feels great, your conversations are intriguing, and you want to spend every spare second with him.  As the spark starts to fade away, which it does in every relationship, don’t fall to the temptation of clinging onto him.  It’s only natural to have your own individual routines and spend less time together than you did in the early stages.  This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore or that your relationship is doomed to boredom.  It simply means that the infatuation stage is over.

Don’t guilt trip him for wanting to spend time with his friends.  Don’t make him hold your hand while he watches his football game.  Don’t demand he calls you every hour of the day to check in.  You need to give him space and enjoy yours.  It is very important to maintain your independence, even when you’re in a relationship because it will make the time you have together much better.  He shouldn’t be the only thing in life that makes you happy or keeps you entertained.  It’s time to start showing him that you’re independent and that you don’t rely on him for your happiness.  Really, that’s going to be irresistible to him.

3. You don’t like his friends.

Every guy has a friend that is immature, so it’s safe to say your guy does, too.  Maybe you wouldn’t be seen with him in public, and you might even start to question your boyfriend’s sanity.  Why in the world would he hang out with a 35-year-old who still drinks like he’s in his 20s?  Even though you can’t stand Anthony and all his friends, they are his good friends.  They have been through a lot together and shared many wonderful memories.  It isn’t up to you to get his friends to grow up, and you can’t make your boyfriend stop hanging out with his best buds either.

You might have a friend or two who are irritating to your man, too.  Maybe they are into drama and can’t resist the urge to gossip.  Does that mean you must stop hanging out with them?  No, because they are your friends.  As Los Angeles elite matchmakers, we know that men pull away when their partner no longer wants them to spend time with their friends.  Try not to complain about his friends or put them down; after all, they are his friends for a reason.  You need to take advantage of the time he spends with his friends to hang out with yours.

4. You treat him like your father.

During arguments, do you slam the door on his face and walk away?  Do you find yourself disagreeing with him just to disagree and ruin his day?  Do you whine and beg for things to go your way until they finally do?  Is he wrapped around your little finger, just like your dad was back in the day?  While this might seem convenient to you, it’s not healthy for your relationship.  No man wants to be taken advantage of by anyone.  Most men will not want to date a woman who is trying to resolve issues from the past.

If you find yourself acting this way with your new boyfriend, you have some underlying issues to solve.  You can’t act on your daddy issues or you’ll end up pushing your new man away.  A relationship is hard enough on its own, let alone dragging in baggage from the past.  You need to solve the issues on your own or you’ll end up pushing all your boyfriends away.

How many of these unhealthy habits do you see in your own relationship?  Now you know the top four reasons men lose interest in a new relationship, so it’s time to shape up and ditch your undesirable ways.

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