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Every woman wants to fall in love someday. Most girls dream about it since they’re young. We all envision that fairy-tale story where our Prince Charming comes in and sweeps us off our feet. He’s handsome, dreamy, and makes us happier than ever … He’s perfect. Ah, if only it were that easy.

Unfortunately, love isn’t so easy to find. And sometimes we think we found it when in reality it’s only lust. So how do you know if you’re in love or just infatuated?

How can you tell the new man in your life is the real deal? Is there some magic formula to figure out if you’re just crushing over him or truly in love?

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As Los Angeles matchmakers with 30 years of experience, we have all the answers you need. Read on to find out if you’re in love or just lusting over your guy.

1. What Emotions Does He Evoke in You?

You’re seeing this new guy and are pretty sure you like him. Otherwise, why would you be spending time with him, right? You’re attracted to him for his good looks, his personality, his adorable sense of humor, or some other quirk you find intriguing. Bottom line, there’s something about him that draws you in.

But let’s dig a little deeper than attraction. How does this guy make you feel? What emotions does he evoke when you’re around him – and when you’re not around him?

Does he make you feel safe and secure? Does he bring out the best in you and boost your confidence? Do you feel respected, valued, and appreciated? Does he make you feel good overall? Do you feel like you’re comfortable and can to him about anything at all?

Were you honestly able to answer yes to all those questions? If so, then it very well could be true love. When you’re really in love with a man, this is exactly how he should make you feel. On the other hand, if you’re only crushing on someone, then they won’t make you feel emotions like this. When you’re infatuated with someone and are just attracted to them on the surface level, you’re not going to feel safe and secure and like you can truly connect with them. In other words, you’re not in love.

2. Do You Have Serious Conversations?

When you’re together, do you have serious conversations? We’re not talking serious like moving in together, marriage, and starting a family. We’re simply talking about everyday conversations, such as your work day, your evening activities, your upcoming plans. Do the two of you look forward to reconnecting after work and catching up on the day’s events while you cook dinner or go for a walk?

When you’re just infatuated with someone you don’t have real conversations. You might do a lot of flirty texting and have a physical relationship, but you’re not connected on a deeper level. You’re not invested in each other’s lives.

3. How Would You Feel If It Ended Today?

One of the best ways to figure out if what you’re feeling is true love is to ask yourself how you would feel if it ended today. Would you feel heartbroken, lost, and devastated? Would you feel like you were mourning the loss of your best friend, your lover, your confidante, your soul mate? Do you feel like you would cry and not be able to move out of bed for days, weeks, or even months?

If you can’t imagine a day without him, then you’re not just crushing… You’re totally head over heels in love.

Although love and infatuation can both cause you to daydream and get lost in your thoughts about someone, they’re both very different. When you’re truly in love with someone, you just feel it. You just know they make you feel good, they make you happy, they make you feel safe, secure, and comfortable in their presence. When you’re in love, you can’t imagine life without them… You just know they’re the one.

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