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There’s nothing like going back to the days when you were both giddy like high school kids staring at each other wondering how life could be so perfect.

Your first date was probably filled with a few butterflies, and going back to those places may bring back those long-lost feelings.  If it is somewhere with a certain smell, like a restaurant or winery, the date will feel like the first one.  Going back to your first date destination may remind of you of why you should continue to see each other in the first place.

Let the leading Malibu matchmaking service show you fun date ideas to bring the spark back to your relationship.

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1. Go on A Road Trip

Get away with your partner on a spontaneous day trip.  Even going an hour outside of your town will take your mind off of everyday things.  Pack a picnic and pull over near a scenic river or lake and simply enjoy the beautiful view.  Being quiet together can be very relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company will lead to some deep conversation.  Pay attention to the sound of the water and wind as it hits the leaves.

2. Plant A Garden

As silly as this might sound, especially for those that don’t like to get dirty, it can be a wonderful experience.  Getting down and dirty together in a non-sexual way is another great way to bond together.  Get your hands in the dirt and help each your plant seasonal flowers and plants.  Not only is gardening a grounding experience on an individual level, it is also a good way to bring peace to your relationship.  Don’t be afraid to get dirty for this date, kick off your shoes, wear clothes you are not going to wear again, and focus on having fun together.

3. Bake Something Together

This is perfect in so many ways.  Look up a recipe online that you both love (Chocolate chip cookies), and get baking.  Even if you are an expert in the kitchen, it is important to work through a recipe you are not familiar with together.  Have a little fun as you bake, remember, this date is all about having fun.  Don’t worry about getting messy.  As cliché as it might sound, throw some flour at each other.  It’s romantic, trust us.  Don’t forget to wear cute aprons and take pics of your delicious cookies.

4. Start A TV Series Together

The ultimate sign of commitment (ok maybe not, but it’s pretty close). Pick a show you will both love and start from the first episode.  Make a vow to never watch any episodes without each other and set time aside each week to catch up on a new episode.  This will give you and your partner something to look forward to each week.

  1. Take A Class Together

Similar to starting a TV series, this is something you and your partner need to set aside time to do together.  Whether it’s cooking classes or dance lessons, a group class with an instructor takes the pressure off while allowing you to enjoy the activity with other people.  And in the end, you come out learning a new skill which you can use later on, or, in the case of dance lessons, you can use for a later idea. That’s right, now you’ll be able to confidently take your partner out dancing and put your new skills to practice.

Good luck and happy dating!

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