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Many men think that women are playing hard to get when in reality they’re just not feeling them. She might not like you but doesn’t know how to tell you nicely. So instead of pursuing her endlessly, you need to be able to spot the signs she’s not interested in dating you.

To ensure you’re not wasting your time pursuing a woman who is not into you, our Marina Del Rey dating service will show you the telltale signs she doesn’t have any romantic interest in you.

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1. She doesn’t answer your texts.

Women are communicative creatures. If someone texts them, they feel it’s an obligation to write back, unless, of course, they don’t like the guy. If a woman isn’t returning your texts, don’t believe her when she tells you she was busy or forgot. If she’s not answering your messages, that’s a surefire sign she’s not into you. Even women who play hard to get will answer the text. They will wait a little while, but they will eventually get back to you.

2. She’s always busy.

Sure, she might have a demanding job or is busy climbing up the corporate ladder, but if she likes you, she will make time for you. If she’s constantly telling you that she can’t get together because she’s busy, then you need to consider the fact that she just doesn’t want to see you. This is a classic sign she doesn’t like you.

3. She doesn’t go to the same places.

Women are creatures of habit. If they have a favorite place to hang out, they tend to go there every weekend. If you keep trying to run into her and make it look like an accident, but she doesn’t go to the same places she used to, it’s because she’s avoiding you. If she has stopped going to places you both used to hang out, that’s a telltale sign she doesn’t like you and is doing everything she can to avoid bumping into you.

4. She leaves when you arrive.

Even worse yet, if she makes a quick exit when you walk in, she’s trying her hardest to avoid and ignore you. Women don’t like to get in confrontations, nor do they like it when someone chases them around. Avoidance is their go-to mechanism. If she continues to avoid you, take it as a sign she doesn’t like you.

5. She tries to show you all her bad qualities.

Often times, when a woman doesn’t like a guy, she will point out her bad qualities. She will downplay all her good qualities and make sure she highlights all the bad ones, like smoking and not being a good partner. Pointing out her flaws is a good way of telling you she’s not interested.

6. She avoids being alone with you.

This is an easy way to figure out how a woman feels about you. If she always says things like, “I’ll see you there,” or she suggests going out in a group, it’s because she doesn’t like you. If a woman liked you, she would want to spend alone time with you. But because she doesn’t like you, she only suggests going out in a group setting.

Now that you know some easy ways to figure out when a woman doesn’t like you, keep your eyes peeled for these telltale behaviors. Don’t continue to harass her when she’s clearly not interested in you.

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