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People usually know how to ask someone out and date with success.  But here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we know there’s always room to improve.  After all, just like anything else in life, you can always learn a little more and sharpen your skills.

The LA dating world seems to change all the time.  Whether you’re an experienced dater or have been out of the dating game for a long time, if you are venturing into the LA dating scene, you want to keep the following tips in mind.  As the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, we know the ins and outs of dating and want to ensure you’re on the path to romantic success.

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How People Date Nowadays

Dating has changed in recent years, especially here in LA.  And thanks to the hookup culture, many people are clueless on how to properly court and date.  Dating is about spending quality time with your new love interest and getting to know each other better.  Dating someone new should be fun and exciting, but it can also be confusing if you don’t know what to do.  If you haven’t dated in a while, and are just getting your feet wet, we have some expert tips you need to keep in mind.

1. Ask Them Out

You’re not going to get anywhere in dating if you don’t ask them out.  That’s right, this is the most important step.  If you aren’t going to step up and do it, someone else will—and you’ll lose out on a potentially great catch.

Smile, flirt, talk, and get to know them until you muster up the courage to finally ask them out on a date.

2. Choose the Date Location Wisely

Both of your unique personalities and interests will decide where you take them on a date.  If both of you are vegans, then a nice vegan restaurant in LA will do the job to impress them.  If you’re both into the outdoors, a picnic in a local park would be nice.

If you take them to an unimpressive location, it sends the signal that you didn’t put in any effort, which is something you never want to do.  If you’re choosing the date location, make sure it’s something you know they’ll like.  Choose an engaging location or activity so you can get to know them better, as well as prevent those dreaded awkward silences.

As the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, we suggest you get creative with your date ideas.  Whether you opt for something relaxing like going for a stroll along the beach or a picnic in a park, or you want to do something more adrenaline pumping like go-cart racing or a fun-filled day at an amusement park, the idea is to do something you’ll both enjoy so you can open up and get to know each other.

3. Keep an Eye Out for the Signs They Don’t Want Anything Serious

The first time the two of you officially go on a date, keep your eyes peeled for the warning signs they don’t want to be in a relationship.  Just because someone agrees to go on a date with you doesn’t mean they’re looking for something serious.  Here are some telltale signs you want to keep an eye for.

  • I’m just looking for something fun.
  • I’m kind of seeing someone else right now.
  • I don’t want to settle down just yet.
  • I was in a bad relationship and I’m just testing the waters.
  • I don’t want you to expect too much.

These are all-too-common phrases they’re not serious about getting serious.  Most importantly, you should listen to your gut feeling, as it will tell you if they are right for you.

4. Talk About Things That Interest Them

When you start dating again, you want to find someone you have a lot in common with, and the only way to do this is discussing your likes and interests.  Talking about different things will give provide insight as to what type of person they are and if you’re ultimately compatible with one another.

5. Establish a Schedule for Talking

Once things start to get a little more serious, then you need to start talking to them more often.  You and your new love interest need to be on the same page.  If you have started talking to each other every day and they seem to like it, then keep it going.  If things start to change after a few weeks, don’t hesitate to talk to them about it.  A radical change, like going from talking twice a day to not talking for days on end, is an indication something is wrong.

6. Try to See Each Other Often

When people start dating, sometimes they don’t know how much to see each other because they don’t want to suffocate the new person in their life.  As the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, we want you to see this new man or woman often but not every day.

It’s understandable that you want to spend every spare second with them; after all, right now everything is fresh and exciting.  But believe us, you don’t want to spend every day with them or you risk suffocating them.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.  We encourage you to see each other once or twice a week so you keep things fun and exciting longer.

7. Mix Things Up

Once you’re on a roll and things are getting more comfortable, you might fall into a rut.  It happens, even to the best of daters.  If this is happening to you, now it’s time to mix things up and try new things.

Dinner at their place every week will soon start to get boring, and so will going to the same restaurant every weekend.  If you really want to spice things up, explore different places around town or go for a day trip together.  Spontaneity and variety are two very important things to keep you and your new partner on your toes.  Don’t overdo it, though, you don’t have to be spontaneous all the time.

So tell us, are you ready to put these expert dating tips to the test?  Do you know how to properly navigate the Los Angeles dating scene?  Could you benefit from the help of a professional matchmaker?  Tell us about your dating life and how we can help you.  Sometimes even the best need a little help.

If you’re ready to outsource your dating life to the top matchmakers in Los Angeles, fill out the private survey at the top of the page to reserve your free, no-obligation matchmaking consultation today.

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