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From players, losers, jerks, and everything in between, mature dating in Los Angeles will turn up many kinds of men. But is there anything worse than a clingy guy?

It’s super frustrating – At first, they seem like very romantic gentlemen who actually show their interest in us. But after a few dates, the initial appeal starts to wear off, and then it’s very obvious he’s a clinger.

It’s not hard to tell if a guy is needy. They often give themselves away after a few dates. If you’ve ever come across a clinger in the LA dating scene, you know what we’re talking about here. It’s best to be able to spot them from the get-go and save yourself the time and frustration, ladies.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid them, watch out for these signs.

1. He talks about marriage all the time.

So you went out to have fun with the girls on the dance floor, a guy approached you, you exchanged numbers, you went on cool date – or a few -and he is already talking about marrying you.

Though you may be flattered, do not be too naïve. Honestly, only a stage five clinger will do something like this. He doesn’t even know you yet, so think twice before you let yourself get caught up in his interest and obvious lack of fear of commitment.

2. Your face is on his phone.

You’re on date number three and he proudly takes out his phone to show you the picture or pictures he saved of you. Wow, creepy! Run away fast!

He is exhibiting unrealistic behavior, and it is totally unattractive. Even if you have just started dating him and he has a lot of pictures of you, a little warning bell in your head should go off and tell you that something is wrong.

3. He tries to reach you any way he can.

He goes to extreme lengths to reach you. If it was decades ago, he’d be that guy who would look up your phone number in the phone book.

Sadly, in today’s modern world – with social media – there are many different ways to reach someone, such as texting, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, Skype, WhatsApp – oh, and calling them straight up, of course.

So you did not answer his last call, and suddenly, your phone lights up and he’s messaging you on Skype. And when you don’t answer him there, he messages you on Instagram. Unless it is an emergency, you know you have a creepy situation on your hands. Our best advice is to run away as fast as you can!

4. He leaves stuff with you.

Maybe on your third date you decided to invite him to your house, which is nice of you. However, what is not cool is him purposely and accidentally leaving something behind at your place.

In the stage five clinger’s mind, you two are already in a committed relationship. Yep, so he thinks it’s acceptable to leave his stuff at your place. But what if you don’t want to see him again? Well, he knows this is his way of ensuring he does get to see you again. After all, he has to get his stuff back from you.

5. He shows up where you are.

Yikes! You’re hanging out with your girls after work for a much-needed martini after a stressful week of work and there he is – making his way over to you from the doorway. Wait, what? How did he know you were going to be here? It must’ve been coincidence, right? Wrong, your girlfriend Sally put it up on her Facebook and tagged you in it.

This guy is becoming so obsessed with you that he’s showing up at places you frequent, when he knows you’re going to be somewhere, and maybe even at your work or home. This is totally creepy. Get out while you can. Clingy guys become obsessive, possessive, and totally try to run your life. Save yourself the awful dating experience and get away from this guy today.

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