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Whether you’ve been together for just one year or you’ve been married for 20 years, your anniversary is the time to really celebrate your love for one another. And here at South Jersey Matchmakers, we know that coming up with romantic anniversary ideas is fun and allows you to come together and do something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the time or resources for on a normal everyday basis. Get ready, because it’s a time to celebrate and indulge in your love.

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Take this great opportunity to go out of your way to spoil each other on this special day. Read on as the best Mt. Laurel matchmaking service reveals the most romantic anniversary ideas to celebrate your love this year.

1. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is one of our favorite ideas yet. It’s romantic and nostalgic. To really celebrate this great milestone in your relationship, why not take a trip down memory lane and go back to where it all began?

Whether you choose to go back to the place where you first met or you opt to visit the place of your first date, that’s totally up to you. After all, it all depends on your individual situation. Did you first meet at a friend’s dinner party who no longer lives in the area? Then you obviously can’t revisit that place, so going back to the place of your first date will be your only option.

Go back and recreate the first time you met, or go back to the spot of your very first date. This is a romantic and fun thing to do on your upcoming anniversary. This will take you on a trip right down memory lane and bring all those butterflies back to your bellies, as you’ll be reminded of the feelings you first had for each other. This is not only super romantic, but it will have you appreciating each other and falling head over heels all over again.

2. Picnic at a Special Spot

If the weather permits, why not have a romantic picnic for two to celebrate your love in a quiet and peaceful way? Choose a spot that’s special to both of you and set out for the perfect anniversary picnic in the beautiful outdoors.

If the New Jersey weather doesn’t permit you to have a picnic in the outdoors, then you can always opt for a picnic indoors. Pour some of your favorite wine or champagne, light some romantic candles, and cozy up indoors for a quiet and serene picnic for two.

3. Go the Homemade Route

Store-bought gifts are great, but why not take it up a notch and really show each other how much you care by handcrafting your gifts? Homemade gifts just add that personal, a more intimate touch than a gift from a store. Think of something that will mean a lot to your partner, something that represents your loving relationship.

Some of our top picks include: a photo album or scrapbook, a painting or sculpture handcrafted by you, or even an old-school CD of all the songs that remind you of them and all your good times together. How could they not love and adore a thoughtful, personalized present from you? This is something they’ll surely treasure for a lifetime.

4. Do Dinner at the Most Upscale Restaurant in Town

This one is money-permitting, of course. If you know your partner has always wanted to be wined and dined at the upscale Italian restaurant downtown, or you’ve both always wanted to try an exotic restaurant in a nearby town, why not surprise them for your anniversary? If you could never justify spending that much on dinner before, your anniversary is the perfect time to do so. After all, it’s the perfect time to indulge and celebrate this wonderful milestone together. You can even let the server know this is a very special night for the two of you, and maybe they’ll throw in a round of free drinks or a decadent dessert to make it extra special for you.

5. Take a Trip

You don’t have to travel to Europe to celebrate your love for each other – although that would be nice. Pick a place within your budget and head out for a couple’s trip to reconnect and spend a few romantic nights together. You’ll come back feeling closer than ever, trust us.

Your anniversary is a special day to celebrate your love for one another. We hope you enjoy one of these five anniversary ideas from our matchmakers this year and really take the time to appreciate one another.

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