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Let’s be honest here: first dates are the worst. But you need to embrace them if you want to find love. The more first dates you go on, the better your chances of finding love. Here’s a little tidbit of information for you. As Redondo Beach matchmakers, we know one thing: everyone is nervous on a first date. That’s right, it’s not just you – your date is nervous too. But a great first date makes it all worth it, right? After all, the end game here is really to find someone compatible and start a serious relationship.

Today, our Redondo Beach matchmakers are going to show you the top tips to have a great first date and secure a second one. These first date tips have worked for many women in LA and we’re confident they’ll work for you too.

1. Think of icebreakers.

Make sure the conversation is always flowing. There’s nothing worse than those awkward first date silences. You know what we’re talking about here. The kind of silence where no one knows what to say for five minutes. Yikes! Keep talking and keep the conversation going as smoothly as you can.

There are so many things you can talk about on a first date to keep the conversation alive. From family, pop culture, the latest news, your favorite hobbies, and what you do for a living, keep the ball rolling. But try to stay clear of hot topics such as religion and politics.

2. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

This should be easy. You need to be your authentic self on a first date. That’s right, just be yourself. This doesn’t mean you should pick your nose in the middle of the restaurant or rant about how much you hate yappy dogs. But don’t embellish your life. If you’ve never gone to a football game or skydiving, don’t say you love to do that just to impress him.

We all want to go the extra mile and impress our dates. But there is such thing as overdoing it. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. It will be harder to continue the façade as the relationship grows. Besides, once your date sees through the smoke screen, well, he’ll never call you again.

3. Don’t get too personal.

It’s okay to get to know your date on a deeper level. But there is no need to delve into every single detail of your life, especially your personal issues. Remember, you’re on a first date. If you need counseling for past traumas, keep that information to yourself. First dates are all about making a connection and having a good time. While you’re at it, avoid talking about past relationships. If you’re still feeling down because the end of a past relationship, you need to take some time away from dating. It’s not fair to anyone if you’re still hung up on an ex, including yourself.

Finally, avoid grilling your date about their deepest secrets. It’s a first date, not a FBI interrogation. If everything goes well, there will be plenty of time to talk about those things down the road.

All in all, first dates are a necessity if you want to find love. The key is to embrace them, not dread or avoid them. A successful first date just requires a little bit of preparation and common sense. Go out there and beat your first date nerves so you can just be yourself and have fun getting to know someone new.

If you’re like many single women in LA who’s struggling to find love, contact our Redondo Beach matchmakers and let us help. Whether you don’t have time to look for dates on your own or are just not meeting the right guys, we can help. We do the hard work of dating for you. We get to know you and what kind of guy you’re looking for. We search and screen candidates and only introduce you to quality single men we think you’re likely to hit it off with.

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