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A lot of people assume that long distance relationships are a waste of time because they’re never going to work out. The people who love you may discourage you from it because they only want what is best for you, and they might think that you’re only going to end up with a broken heart after you invest a lot of time, energy, and love into your long distance relationship. Your best friends might be telling you that you need to get out as soon as you can before you get more invested in this person. Essentially, everyone is telling you that you are only setting yourself up for failure and heart pain.

Of course, there is some truth to that. Long distance relationships aren’t easy. But hey, even regular relationships aren’t easy, right? The point here is that in love nothing is set in stone. You’re never really certain of what the future can bring. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth taking a risk. In fact, out of the many things that life offers you, love is one thing that you should always take a risk with.

Today our San Fernando matchmakers are going to show you five tips to make your long distance relationship work.

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1. Don’t put too much pressure on communication.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to engage in constant communication with your partner. Even talking to them once a day is plenty to keep up to date with each other’s lives. Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean that you have to compensate by talking and texting to each other every second of the day. That’s a little bit excessive and can actually hurt the relationship. If you are constantly bombarding them with texts and calls, you may make them feel suffocated.

2. Take it as a learning opportunity.

Take this phase of your relationship as a learning opportunity. See it as a test for the love you have for your partner. If you are able to overcome this very significant speed bump in your relationship, then it’s likely that you will overcome other life problems together.

3. Set rules from the beginning.

Always set your ground rules so that you are able to manage your expectations as a couple. It’s important that you are always talking about each other’s needs, feelings, and emotions. If you are feeling unfulfilled, talk to your partner about it. Don’t expect them to read your mind. Miscommunication happens in any relationship, but it happens more so in long distance relationships, so make sure you’re always open and honest about what each of you expect.

4. Mix things up with your communication.

Mix things up with the way you talk to your partner. In this modern, tech-crazed age, you have many different options for communication with each other. You can video chat every once in a while. You can have daily phone calls. You can exchange random text messages. You can go old-school and send them a handwritten letter. The point is to be as creative as you can with the communication in your relationship. Keep things fun and interesting.

5. Avoid sketchy situations.

You need to avoid sketchy situations as much as possible. If you know that it makes your partner uncomfortable for you to be out on the town late at night, then just don’t do it. It’s not that you are trying to control one another in the relationship, so don’t take this the wrong way. It’s just that you want to avoid all the things that can cause problems in your relationship. Think about how you would feel if your partner did the same thing to you. Think about if the shoe were on the other foot before you make decisions in your everyday life – just as you should do in any relationship.

Long distance relationships are tough, and we’re not going to tell you they’re not. But if you follow these five tips from our dating experts, you can maintain the connection and keep the love going strong.

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