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Breakups suck. As Santa Monica matchmakers in the business of love, we know that breakups can be really tough no matter who is doing the actual breaking up. But if you’re the unfortunate one that’s on the receiving end of the breakup, you might wish that you’d known ahead of time that this was coming up your way.

As it turns out, there might actually have been some warning signs that your partner was planning to break up with you. If you notice these subtle signs in your relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s getting ready to break up with you today, but they could indicate that he’s unhappy and thinking about going his own separate way.

Today, our Santa Monica matchmakers here at LA Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top warning signs he’s ready to break up with you any day now.

1. His phone is suddenly off limits to you.

In a happy and trustworthy relationship, both the guy and the girl would probably be okay sharing their phones. Neither party will be especially overprotective of their phones. After all, if they are not doing anything wrong, there is no reason to be protective, right?

If your boyfriend is hiding something, he will never let you use his phone. If he’s chatting it up with other women or checking out a certain girl’s Instagram profile, he’s not going to let you use his phone.

2. He won’t listen to your concerns.

Not every relationship problem means that the end of the relationship is near. A fight or disagreement does not have to mean that your relationship is over. But if your partner won’t listen to you concerns, it is pretty much hopeless at this point.

Both parties in a relationship have to be willing to put in work to make the relationship last. If a guy refuses to even listen to his partner when she has valid concerns, well, there is simply no hope.

3. He compares you to other women.

Out of all the warning signs that a breakup near, this is one that cuts the deepest. When a guy starts comparing his girlfriend to other women, there is no doubt that she is going to feel extremely hurt by this. This is not a subtle way of letting her know that he is losing interest in the relationship. This is a blatant way of letting her know that he’s no longer happy with her.

He doesn’t want to come clean about his true feelings because he is afraid. He obviously doesn’t know how to be in a relationship or he wouldn’t be making comparisons and making his partner self-conscious. If your guy is doing this, it’s best you let him go – this guy isn’t worth your time anyway.

4. He doesn’t want to spend time with you.

Naturally, we all know that a guy who is overly jealous and controlling about how his girlfriend spends her time is not the type of guy that any girl wants to be a relationship with. But on the flipside of things, a guy who doesn’t seem to care at all how his girlfriend spends her time is a guy who doesn’t care about the relationship.

If your guy suddenly doesn’t want to spend any time with you, it’s not something you should overlook. This is especially true if he has time but chooses to spend it with his friends, at the gym, or doing anything else under the sun instead of spending it with you.

If you notice any of these behaviors with your guy lately, it’s time you have a talk with him. Let him know you’re concerned about the relationship and see where it goes from there.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Los Angeles, contact our Santa Monica matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Los Angeles who are fit to date and ready for something serious.

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