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Does it feel like your guy is treating you differently lately? Is he inattentive, distant, or even rude? Are you worried that your boyfriend has some feelings of hate for you and the relationship? Our Studio City matchmakers are here to help you figure things out.

Warning Signs He Hates the Relationship

That’s right, there is no need to speculate anymore. Our Studio City matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service have the answers for you today.

Get ready as we revel the top warning signs he hates the relationship and wants to break up.

1. He nit-picks.

This is a horrible move a lot of guys pull when they want their girlfriends to know they’re not happy in the relationship. Nit-picking can come in different forms: everything you do can start to bother him, even if they never bothered him in the past. Or – arguably worse – he may start picking out your flaws and putting you down and hurting your self-esteem.

It’s a horrible thing, we know. Unfortunately, it’s something guys are known for doing in relationships. Finding issues with everything involving you is his indirect way of telling you that he hates the relationship and wants to break up.

2. He doesn’t make plans anymore.

A pretty obvious sign when a guy is unhappy in a relationship is that he’ll stop making plans to see his girlfriend. If you’re the cause of his unhappiness, why would he want to be around you? He doesn’t want to go to places with you or to pretend that he’s happy in the relationship. Unfortunately, rather than just being straightforward and upfront with you, he’s avoiding you. He’s bailing on any plans you make and stops making future plans with you.

Distancing himself from you physically is one of the first ways that shows how much he hates the relationship. There will always be more warning signs, but this is a very important one to keep an eye out for.

3. He leaves you out.

Maybe the two of you used to do a lot of things together – all the time. But now, he’s insisting on spending more time alone. While it’s totally okay to spend time alone and clear your head, if your guy is asking for alone time more and more often, don’t overlook it. This is especially true if he’s perfectly content to be around his friends. In fact, this is a clear sign that he just has a problem with you and the relationship.

He just doesn’t want to be around you and is leaving you out instead of spending time with you. He hates being around you but doesn’t have the courage to end the relationship.

4. He doesn’t make any efforts.

When you guys first got together, it was no issue for him to drive through rush hour traffic to pick you up from work all the way in a different part of town. He did all this just to take you to your favorite restaurant. Those little things defined the sweetness of the relationship and proved that he was really into you.

Now, however, those days are gone.

If he hates the relationship he is in, he isn’t going to put any more effort into it because he doesn’t care for it anymore. He’ll forget your anniversary and not see what the big deal is – or worse, he won’t bring you medicine or soup when you’re sick. He doesn’t want to do anything that signifies caring for you. Why? Because he no longer does. He’s checked out of the relationship and hopes you’ll catch his hints.

5. He’s pulling away in every single way.

Not only is he not making plans with you and avoiding date nights with you, but not he’s pulling away in every way he can. If you live together, you might be able to pick up on these signs right away. He might be avoiding coming home for dinner just so he doesn’t have to talk to you. Instead of saying hi to you when you walk in the door from work, he pretends like he’s busy doing something. Instead of watching TV together, he goes in the bedroom and watches your shows solo. Ouch. That hurts.

When a guy is unhappy in a relationship, he may not even realize he’s pulling away and behaving in certain ways. Other times, he might. Either way, he’s not happy. The sooner you realize he’s unhappy, the sooner you can talk about it together. Whether you can work together and try to save your relationship or decide to go your separate ways, the sooner you talk about it, the better.

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