The Best Way to Meet Single Men in LA That's Not Tinder!

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Tinder, the most popular mobile dating app in Los Angeles.  It is the go-to place for people who are looking for casual relationships and quick flings.  Many dating gurus believe that Tinder is to blame for today’s hookup culture, and we couldn’t agree more.  Sure, Tinder is fun if you’re young and looking for a quick fling, but what about mature singles in Los Angeles who are looking for something meaningful?

The odds of landing a meaningful relationship with Tinder are not in your favor.  As highly sought out Los Angeles matchmakers, we have never heard of anyone getting married thanks to help from Tinder.  Sure, there are hookups everywhere, but single women who are looking to meet relationship-minded men are going to run into issues.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers will show you how to meet single men in LA outside of Tinder, quality men that is!

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1. Expand your social circle.

If all the men in your life are already in a relationship, then it’s time you expand your social circle.  Think about it, most of the people we meet in person are through mutual friends and when we’re out and about in social settings.  If all your friends are now in relationships, then all the guys you’re meeting are most likely in relationships too.

When you expand your social circle, you’ll be introduced to a whole new selection of men.  Yay for you!  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll start dating someone right away, but at least you’ll start getting yourself acquainted with new people.  The more people you meet, the more you improve your chances of finding Mr. Right.

2. Go to your local coffee shop.

Plenty of successful single men in LA enjoy a cup of coffee every day.  Even though we know you don’t have time to spend all day at the coffee shop, stopping by a few times a week will improve your chances of bumping into cool guys.

As you already know, there are hundreds of coffee shops in LA, all of which attract men.  If you are a coffee lover yourself, this gives you the perfect opportunity to chat it up with a successful business man over your favorite cup of Joe.

3. Get out and explore.

With all the great places Los Angeles has to offer, it’s a little odd for you to think your soul mate is hiding somewhere on Tinder.  Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not talking about exploring another city and getting into a long-distance relationship here.  We’re talking about meeting men in the next town over.  Whether you get out and explore your own town or make it a point to visit destinations all over Los Angeles, you’re doing yourself a favor.  Believe us, limiting yourself to Tinder is decreasing your chances of finding love.

Think about all the men you’ll meet at the local beaches or other tourist destinations in LA.  You might love your little neighborhood, but there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you all over Los Angeles, so it’s time to do a little exploring this weekend.  Oh, and those beach photos you post on Facebook will definitely attract men too.

4. Try a Los Angeles matchmaking service.

You might think that a matchmaking service is similar to Tinder, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth! Tinder focuses on hookups while matchmaking services focus on the real deal.  When it comes to success rates, you simply can’t compare the two.  Matchmaking services like ours are the ideal way for quality women like yourself to date and meet quality men.

Even though Tinder seems like an easy way to meet single men in LA, you can’t trust the men you meet there.  And if you’re already on Tinder, you know this all-too-well.

If you’re tired of Tinder and have a busy schedule but would like to meet single men in LA who are relationship-minded, contact our Los Angeles matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality men in Los Angeles who are a great fit for you.  Simply fill out the form at the top of the page and request your complimentary 90-minute matchmaking consultation today!

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