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When you’re in a new relationship, it’s too easy to get into comfortable behaviors and act in certain ways because you feel comfortable with him. Some people think that once you seal the deal you can behave any way you want. And while it’s great to be yourself in front of your partner, you might be doing certain things that are pushing him away.

There are many toxic habits that might put your man off and deter him from wanting to spend time with you, even though he loves you. Becoming aware of those bad habits can actually save your relationship.

Check your behaviors against this list of toxic relationship habits and you might find you’re guilty of a few of them. Today, the best Thousand Oaks dating service, Los Angeles Singles, will show you five toxic habits that drive men away.

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1. A Lack of Self-Care

Being able to take care of yourself is part of being a mature woman. No man in the world wants to be with a woman who doesn’t keep up with her health and hygiene. It’s understandable that we all have lazy days where we don’t feel like doing our hair or using makeup. And that’s okay because we don’t always have to feel like we’re on show. However, letting go of your personal hygiene—never washing your hair, using makeup, or brushing your teeth—will definitely put off your partner. Not only will the lack of self-care put him off, but it tells the world that you don’t care about yourself. If you don’t care about yourself, then why should he?

2. Nit-Picking

It’s natural that when you care about someone you want to help them become the best version of themselves. This often means supporting your boyfriend’s dreams and goals and helping him through difficult times. It’s okay to give your boyfriend constructive criticism, but it’s not okay to nitpick him for everything or make him feel bad about himself.

3. Being Clingy

If you’re in a relationship, it’s safe to say that you love spending time with your boyfriend. What girlfriend doesn’t, right? Spending quality time together is essential for a relationship, but it’s also important to spend time apart. Even couples in the healthiest relationships know they must spend time apart. You must continue doing your own things—pursuing your hobbies and interests, spending time with your friends, coworkers, and family, and taking care of yourself.

4. Having Bad Table Manners

Even if you have a few flaws your boyfriend will still love you at the end of the day. But atrocious table manners, such as loud chewing, talking with food in your mouth, scraping your fork against the plate, or belching will turn him off. These bad habits can quickly drive your guy away. If you’re having a meal with your boyfriend, make a conscious effort not to gross him out.

5. Being Obsessed with Your Phone

For some women, their phones are an extension of their arm. They find it very difficult to put down their phones. We understand that phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives, and we rely on them for everything—from entertainment to organizing our work day. However, spending too much time on your phone can cause many problems in your relationship.

There are few things that are more frustrating and infuriating than trying to have a conversation with someone who is glued to their phone. Not being able to put your phone down when you’re spending time with your boyfriend shows a lack of respect. If you can’t look away from your screen while your partner is talking, it tells him that you don’t care. Give your boyfriend the attention he deserves. Instagram and Facebook will always be there.

If you notice that you’re doing any of these five toxic habits, you need to stop right now before you push your boyfriend away for good. It’s time to shape up and become a better partner to your guy.

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