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Looking for ways to find the perfect man in Los Angeles? Look no further, our Los Angeles matchmakers will give you the insight of what it takes to land the man of your dreams!

Having trouble landing the man of your dreams? You’re not alone. Many single women in Los Angeles have a difficult time landing their Mr. Right. Single ladies in the audience, we urge you not to go on another date until you have read this helpful advice brought to you by our Thousand Oaks matchmaking experts here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service. Trust us, you’ll be glad you didn’t!

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How to Get Him #1: Know Exactly What You Want

The first step in getting the man of your dreams is knowing exactly what and who you want. If you already know this, then you are already ahead of the game. If not, it is important to identify exactly what you need from a relationship as this will make your search feel less like searching for a needle in a haystack. Think about your goals in life and try to find someone who is aligned with what you hope for. For example, if your dream is to travel the world visiting different countries, then don’t waste your time with a man who won’t even leave his town for a weekend getaway.

How to Get Him #2: Get a Date

Once you have a special man in sight, it’s time to get a date with him. Strike up a conversation and he will be much easier to approach in the future. If there is attraction between the two of you, hopefully he can invite you on a date, but if not, don’t be afraid to do the inviting on your own. Ask him if he would like to grab a casual coffee with you or go out for a bite to eat. By making casual advances and not making it a formal date, you don’t risk coming on too strong.

How to Get Him #3: Always Be Yourself

When you are getting to know this new gentleman, you need to make sure you are 100% yourself and that you never alter anything about your personality just because you want to impress him. Don’t give into the temptation of thinking you need to act like someone you’re not. If you want him to fall in love with you, not a carbon copy of Jennifer Aniston or your best friend who you think has a great personality, then always be yourself. Our Thousand Oaks matchmakers want you to remember that you are unique and interesting in your own way.

How to Get Him #4: Be Fun & Interesting

What do you do for a living? What do you do in your spare time? These are common questions to be asked on a date, and they are very straightforward; however, your brain can come up with some weird responses when under pressure, like on a first date. Before your date begins, think of interesting answers to those questions and have a few answers prepared so you don’t stumble. By being prepped in advance, you’ll be able to keep the conversation fun and interesting. Being well-prepared will prevent the date from being awkward and will make you look more interesting, especially if you have fun responses.

How to Get Him #5: Don’t Share Too Much

A little bit of mystery goes a long way when it comes to landing the man of your dreams, so it’s important to speak to him and share things but not everything. Go ahead and tell him interesting things about yourself, but don’t bombard him with too much information. The last thing you want to do is come off as a self-centered woman. The excitement of discovering everything about each other should take time and should not be done in one date; otherwise, there is nothing left to discovery and things will fizzle and burn out quickly.


How to Get Him #6: Dress the Part

First impressions have a habit of sticking, so make sure that when you go out with him you dress the part. Everyone knows that many first date horror stories center on tripping from wearing too high of a heel or buttons popping because of an outfit being too tight, so with that in mind, you need to wear something that is appropriate. If you are planning on wearing a new outfit for the date, we suggest you test it out first by wearing it around the house. You need to ensure that your date outfit gives the best impression of you. You also need to make sure that it’s appropriate for the weather, the location, and your personal style.

How to Get Him #7: Relax Yourself

It is important to be calm and relaxed while out on a date. If you are nervous you might become clumsy, which then will lead to panic, resulting in even more panic. It’s a bad cycle you do not want to fall into on a date. Make sure that you review everything you know about this man before the date begins to help refresh your memory. If you are stuck on what to say next, we suggest you add a little humor as it will help relax the date.

How to Get Him #8: Be Positive

If you have a negative state of mind, then chances are your date isn’t going to go well. No matter how self-conscious you might feel, you need to act like things are going right. If your date gets the impression that you’re down, and out and that the only thing that can cheer you up is him, there is a good chance he won’t want to see you again. Our advice is to always be positive and upbeat. Believe us, positive energy is contagious and will increase your chances for landing a second date with him.

How to Get Him #9: Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

If you are meeting him at a bar or restaurant, there are bound to be drinks involved, which is fine. However, when you are feeling nervous, it’s easy to consume a lot of drinks to help cover it up. Our expert matchmakers want you to refrain from doing this. An excessive amount of alcohol during a first date is a recipe for disaster. Not only may you stumble on your words, spill things during dinner, or trip while excusing yourself to the bathroom, but you also risk leaving a bad impression that you are an immature party girl. This is not the impression you want to give when trying to land the man of your dreams.

If you’re struggling to find your dream partner, contact our matchmaking professionals here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service and let us help find your Mr. Right!


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