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For many singles in Los Angeles, the search for love in 2016 means turning to mobile dating apps, like Tinder.  But we all know these popular apps don’t work when it comes to finding real love.  Remember the good old days when peopled dated offline?  Well, here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, we believe in the traditional way of dating, face-to-face, the way dating is meant to be. 

In the spirit of the new year, our Los Angeles Singles matchmakers have composed a dating guide for singles in Los Angeles to finally find the love they’re after.  Read on to find out the real secrets to find the one.

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1. This year is the year to find love.

Here at Los Angeles Singles, we want you to put dating as one of your top priorities.  Yes, put it before your social life and always set aside time for dates.  If you are serious about finding love in 2016, you need to schedule it around your work and social life.  Set aside at least one or two nights a week to go out on dates.

2. You will change your attitude.

This year, we want you to change you whole outlook on dating.  Stop saying that all the good ones are taken or that you’ll be the last single one on the planet.  There are plenty of singles in Los Angeles and you need to do whatever you can to meet them, which means tossing all those negative thoughts that weigh you down.

3. Home is the enemy.

Get off your sofa and get out of your house.  Even if you’re tired from work or don’t feel like it, you need to go out and try to meet new people.  Attend singles events, mingle at happy hour, and don’t turn down invitations to parties.  Do you think Mr. or Mrs. Right is going to come knocking at your door?  Absolutely not, it will never happen.  If you want to find love in Los Angeles, and finally meet the one, you’re going to have to put time and energy into it.

4. You will smile at strangers.

You want to smile at them, not just to be nice, but to share your positive energy with them.  In the new year, we want you to be positive wherever you go and always wear a smile on your face.  Put your cell phone away and look up at the people walking past you and start making connections. 

5. Tell your friends you’re single and searching.

Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and coworkers that you’re single and on the market.  Don’t shy away from introductions, because you never know who you’re going to meet. 

6. Work with a matchmaker.

This year, we want you to take a different approach to dating.  You have already tried Tinder, online dating, and all the trendy bars and clubs—with no luck whatsoever.  The best way to meet quality singles in Los Angeles is by working with a professional matchmaking agency with a solid reputation.  Here at Los Angeles Singles, we can introduce you to quality men and women who are also eager to be in a relationship.

7. Forget your list.

We want you to forget your list of what your ideal partner should look like and start dating people who are not your type.  This year, we want you to date outside your comfort zone.  You just never know who you’re going to meet or who will be the one for you.

8. You’ll be a better dater. 

This year, you must go on your dates without any expectations.  Don’t go out expecting a Hollywood romance, because that’s not going to happen.  Go on your dates with a warm and positive attitude and remember that the worst thing that can happen is that the two of you don’t click.  Leave all your negative talk in the past in 2016.

9. Don’t take anything personally.

You already know you’re fabulous, good looking, and charming, but you will not be everyone’s cup of tea.  If someone is not interested in you, do not take it personally and let it get the best of you.  The right person will love you for who you are, so don’t stop until you find that person.

10. You will encounter bad dates.

It is inevitable that you’ll go out with a few bad dates, but don’t let it discourage you or make you give up.  Finding your ideal partner is going to take a lot of commitment, work, and efforts on your part.  But just like we tell all of our clients, it will be worth it in the end.  Keep your chin up, because love is waiting for you around the corner.  We know that 2016 will be the year you finally find love!

11. Build up your confidence.

Everyone can agree that confidence is sexy.  And if you want to maximize your chances of finding love in the new year, you want to boost your confidence.  Start working out regularly and eating healthy and watch your body transform right in front of your eyes.  We know this will make you more confident in the dating world.

12. Don’t do hookups.

If you’re serious about finding love, then you have to stop with all this hooking up nonsense.  Serious people don’t just hook up.  If you want love and a real relationship, you must wait until the relationship is serious to be with each other.  Although the hookup culture is popular in LA, it’s not right and it’s not going to help you find love. 

We know that you’ll find that special someone.  But if you’re having a hard time meeting quality singles in Los Angeles, contact Los Angeles Singles today and let our dating and matchmaking experts find the love that eluded you all year!

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