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So you managed to land yourself a second date with an amazing woman.  Not so fast, because now is when the real work begins.  You might have been successful on your first date, but now things are going to get a bit more challenging.  You convince her to give you a second chance, so now you need to wow her with your second date creativity.

Our Van Nuys matchmakers congratulate you on making it this far with this fabulous woman you have you sights set on.  We’re happy that you made it past your first date.  You were able to melt away all the anxiety with your charming personality, but now it’s time for round two.  If you want to be successful, you need to do something that takes the intimacy to the next level but is also exciting and fun at the same time.

Your second date needs to be planned thoroughly, just like your first.  Our Van Nuys matchmakers have some sensational ideas to help you out.  We’re here to help you ensure this second date will be one that she never forgets.

As you already know (or should know), women absolutely love surprises.  If your first date was a success, then it’s time to make your second a stellar one.  Today, our Van Nuys matchmakers are going to reveal our LA matchmaking secrets to ensure you don’t let this amazing woman slip right through your fingers.

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1. Plan a Romantic Picnic

While the thought of a picnic might sound cheesy or cliché, picnics are the perfect dates because they are very intimate and relaxed.  Everyone loves to eat, and you don’t have to know what she is into to plan a picnic date.  The picnic provides you with the perfect opportunity to call her beforehand to talk about what type of foods she likes to eat.

Steer the conversation to simpler foods that are doable for a picnic, such as cheese, crackers, cured meats, fruits, and her favorite dessert—oh, and wine.  The picnic date will provide you with the perfect ambiance, unlike uptight restaurants where you’re suffocated by others around you making you feel uncomfortable in a tight space.  If all goes well, your picnic could last an hour or two, giving you the perfect opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level.

What You Need for This Date:

  • A blanket to spread out on the beach or grass
  • A pre-determined spot with a perfect view
  • A small candle in case it gets dark
  • A pre-corked bottle of wine or some non-alcoholic beverages
  • Finger foods, such as cheese, crackers, and meats
  • You can’t forget about dessert, even little chocolates will work
  • Cups, plates, utensils, wet naps, a bag for trash (you don’t want to litter)
  • You might want to wear pants in case there are bugs

2. Go Dancing

This second date idea will work even if you can’t dance.  It gives you the perfect chance to be adventurous, fun, and spontaneous, all while getting close to her.  Don’t be embarrassed by your lack of dancing skills because just showing her that you’re not afraid to be try will make you look confident, something all women love in a man.

Not only will you show her how confident you are, but you’ll also show her your vulnerable side, so it’s a double whammy with this one.  In the end, she’ll get to see your adventurous and vulnerable side, you’ll be able to crack a few jokes at your own expense, and you’ll create a connection and bond that can’t be achieved over dinner.  Just make sure you both bring comfortable shoes for this one.

What You Need for This Date:

Find out what type of music she’s into and if she likes to dance.  If you already know what type of music she likes, invite her to a lesson.  Tell her that you’ve always been interested in learning how to dance.  Don’t be afraid to show off your skills if you have some.  And if you don’t, don’t be afraid to learn.

Dancing will burn a lot of calories and make you hungry, so make sure you have something planned to follow it up.  Check out restaurants in advance and make a reservation so you’re not waiting around.  Remember, you want to look like you have it all figured out.

3. Pretend You’re a Kid Again

Our Van Nuys matchmakers want you to pretend like you’re back in high school again.  Remember all the sweet little things you used to do when you were in high school?  Well, they haven’t gone out of style.  In fact, those things can be the most romantic things you can do to wow her.  Why?  Because today’s men don’t know how to date.  They believe that Netflix & chill is a date, and we just can’t help but to laugh at that.

Here’s how you can pretend to be in high school again & rock your second date.

  • Go Ice-Skating: This date is perfect because you get to hold her hand and bring her close to you.  It is a fun and romantic date that will have her laughing, especially if you take a spill on the ice.


  • Go to the Zoo: Make sure you know she’s not an animalist first; otherwise, this won’t make for a good date.


  • Enroll in a Cooking Class: Creating delicious food and making a mess go hand-in-hand.  Take a cooking class and don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine.  This date really shows your creativity, something we know she’s bound to appreciate.


  • Cook for Her: It might be too soon to invite her to your home, so we want you to tread with caution for this one.  But if you already know her, and this isn’t just your second time meeting, then you can blow her socks off with a delicious home cooked meal for two.  Hey, women can’t resist a guy who knows his way around the kitchen.


  • Go to an Art Gallery/Museum: Maybe she is the cultural type, so why not invite her to a museum or gallery?  There are so many interesting things to view and facts to learn.


  • Go for a Long Walk on a Nice Day: Take her on a walk around the park, along the beach, or explore a sightseeing location or a tourist attraction.  Enjoy chitchatting while you spend a few hours walking around and enjoying some fresh air and scenic sights.


You aced your first date, so now it’s time to ace your second.  Follow these expert tips from our Van Nuys matchmakers and get ready for an unforgettable second date.

If you are having a hard time meeting quality single women in Los Angeles, contact our Van Nuys matchmakers today and let us help you find the woman of your dreams.  Join us by filling out the private survey at the top of the page and get on your way to discovering the most spectacular way to meet singles in Los Angeles.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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