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He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… If only the daisy petals were reliable.  Unfortunately, we all know they’re not.  So how can a woman know if a man truly loves her?  We know that’s why you’re here today.  You’re looking for ways to find out how he feels about you, right?  Well, you’re at the right place!

Our Ventura matchmakers here at LA’s #1 matchmaking service are going to show you the top 8 gestures that indicate he’s head over heels for you.  If your man does these things for you, he truly loves and adores you.

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1. He makes you coffee every morning.

Although many women prefer to have their mornings to themselves before stepping out to the world, who doesn’t like to wake up to a hot cup of coffee prepared by someone else?  If you are a morning person, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.  But what does that have to do with love you might wonder?  Well, a lot actually.  The fact that your boyfriend takes time in the morning to prepare you a delicious cup of coffee, just the way you like it, means he loves you.

2. He does little chores for you.

Chores are an inevitable part of everyday life.  Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning the floors, taking out the trash, and doing the dishes, the list never ends.  And when there are two people living together, the chores multiply by two.  As a busy professional with a never-ending list of responsibilities, one question comes to mind: how can you keep your place nice and clean?  The answer is simple: with help from your loving boyfriend.

If your boyfriend really loves you, he’ll have no troubles contributing around the house and helping out with all the little chores you hate.  Even though he works full-time, he has no problem helping you keep the house nice and clean.  He doesn’t even mind doing the girly chores like dusting or watering plants on the terrace.

3. He spoils you with little pleasures.

Don’t you hate it when you have a craving and you don’t feel like moving from the sofa?  Don’t fret, your loving boyfriend is here to rescue you because he doesn’t mind volunteering himself to go get it for you… even if it’s late at night.  As much as he hates to get dressed again and run to the store, he gets it because he knows it makes you happy.  That’s true love right there!

4. He is the perfect middleman.

Does your mom like your boyfriend a lot?  Then you might as well pat yourself on the back because that’s hard to find today.  If you and your mom are arguing and haven’t spoken in days, does your guy act as the middleman to bring the peace?  Consider yourself blessed because this is something many women don’t have today.  Not only does your mother like him, but he’s the perfect gentleman who knows how to mediate when you need it.  Whenever you and your mom have a falling out, he shows up to negotiate and reunite the two of you.  Now that’s first-class diplomacy right there.

5. His plans revolve around you.

Even after they settle down in a committed relationship, some men don’t like to give up their habits.  Of course there are many men that evolve into homemakers, but it’s safe to say that the majority of them enjoy continuing on with their old ways.  After all, no grown man wants to change his routines just because he’s in a relationship.

If on a Sunday afternoon he goes on an antique shopping expedition with you instead of being at home watching his football games, that’s a great sign he values the relationship more.  Come on, ladies, it’s only natural for him to want to watch football.  But since he loves you, he doesn’t mind giving up some of his favorite things once in a while.

6. He loves you for who you are.

Even in those moments when you don’t like yourself and are complaining that you put on a few pounds, he still loves you.  You are perfect to your boyfriend, even with your flaws; in fact, it’s those flaws he finds so attractive.

7. He doesn’t do things that annoy you.

Everyone knows how clumsy, forgetful, and downright lazy some men can be.  From leaving the toilet seat up, towels scattered on the floor, and dishes piling up in the kitchen, some men just don’t get it.  But not yours.  Nope, your man wins the boyfriend award because he does his best to do everything he knows he should.  If he remembers to put the seat down, hang up his wet towels, and load the dishwasher, he does it because he loves you and doesn’t want to stress you out.

8. He’s by your side when you need him the most.

Remember when you had the flu a few weeks ago and could barely get out of bed?  Who was by your side?  Your boyfriend, the loving man who waited on you hand and foot.  He went and got your favorite soup, flu medicine, and even stayed by your side and watched your favorite chick flick.  Now that’s true love right there.  This gesture symbolizes that he’s willing to be by your side no matter what, and he doesn’t even mind a few icky germs from time to time.

Ladies, how many of these loving gestures do you notice in your boyfriend?  How does he measure up?  Is he a keeper, or not?

If you’re tired of dating men who aren’t relationship material, let our Ventura matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded men who are looking for a woman like you.  Simply fill out the survey at the top of this page to reserve your FREE (90 minute, in-depth) consultation with LA’s #1 matchmaking service today!


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